Tragedy in Chemax: in Yucatan it is still common to use stoves on properties

VALLADOLID.— The use of stoves inside the houses where low-income families live It is common, especially in indigenous communities.

However, this practice is dangerousas occurred in a property of the Paraíso neighborhood, in the municipality of Chemaxwhere a man died and two women were intoxicated the day before yesterday Wednesday.

Many low-income families cook and sleep in the same space where the stove is; even, heor they put them under their hammocks for warmth during the winter because they don’t have covers.

Some previous governments promoted programs to distribute blankets for free, especially to support the elderly, since they are the most vulnerable to low temperatures.

A house benefited by the government

In the case of those intoxicated in Chemaxit was found that his house is one of those delivered by the government, similar to those that were delivered in the fonden; however, she was completely closed and there was no point for the smoke to escape.

There are other families that, in the absence of covers, make their charcoal stove under the hammocks to get heat at dawn.

But this means that your lungs are damaged by breathing the smoke.

A few months ago, the family of a property in bajareques in the Tesoco police station put on the stove under a baby’s hammock; the smoke came from the poles of the thatched hut, which can be more dangerous because it can start a fire.

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