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Requires Channel Nine $20 million

Requires Channel Nine $20 million
Requires Channel Nine $20 million

With an annual cost calculation of 20 million pesos, the decentralized public television station could level the coverage of needs, but requiring a resource of that size would imply lobbying with the Ministry of Finance and obviously with the deputies who approve the 2023 expenditure budget. reported José Alfonso Cuevas Íñiguez, general director of the Public Television Institute of San Luis Potosí, Nueve TV, XHSLS.

He said that all resources that are spent include payroll, from personnel in the various tasks in the studios and in production, to those who attend to the technical conditions in Cerro de Caballos.

He recalled that the building of the old control tower, now the infrastructure of Channel 9, is a construction in very good condition, and requires minor maintenance.

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