Yucatan selects its representatives for the National Drawing and Painting Contest for Children and Youth 2022

Yucatan selects its representatives for the National Drawing and Painting Contest for Children and Youth 2022
Yucatan selects its representatives for the National Drawing and Painting Contest for Children and Youth 2022

– More than 500 drawings of girls, boys, adolescents and young people from 16 municipalities of the state participated.

– The winning works that went on to the national stage are authored by Mariana Alejandra Argáez, from Buctzotz; Joselyn Uc, from Umán; and Gidalti Bethel Och, from Panabá, as well as Saúl Castillo and Ian Joseph Morales, both from Mérida.

Mérida, Yucatán, November 24, 2022.- The General Secretariat of Government (SGG) through the State Population Council (Coespo) informs that the selection of the winning works was carried out in the five different categories that will represent Yucatán in the 29th National Children’s and Youth Drawing and Painting Contest: “Painting a better present and future”, which this year invites you to reflect on the theme “Children, early and forced marriages and unions”.

These are drawings and paintings in various techniques made by Mariana Alejandra Argáez Medrano, 9 years old, a native of the municipality of Buctzotz; Saúl Castillo Barrera, 12 years old, from Mérida; Joselyn Uc Pérez, 15, from Umán; Ian Joseph Morales Pompeyo, 17, from Mérida; and Gidalti Bethel Och Uitzil, 22, from Panabá, who won first place in their respective categories and automatically won their pass to the national stage of the contest, whose results will be announced tomorrow, Friday, November 25.

Organized in collaboration with the National Population Council (Conapo), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), the contest in its state phase has the support of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal as part of their commitment to join efforts and work as a team to promote actions that contribute to the well-being and healthy integral development of children, adolescents and youth in the state.

In Yucatan, a total of 527 drawings made by girls, boys, adolescents and young people from 16 municipalities were received, of which 522 met the bases of the call to participate, in one of the five categories into which the contest is divided. contest, according to age, between 6 and 24 years.

The director of Coespo, Tonatiuh Villanueva Caltempa, highlighted the great interest that this national call aroused in Yucatan, which in its 2022 edition promotes, through creativity and art, reflection and invites awareness about the serious effects of child marriage and the ways in which as a society we can contribute to prevent and eradicate this global problem.

“Unfortunately, early and forced unions continue to be a reality and constitute a form of violence that directly affects girls and adolescents, but also boys, limiting their potential and violating their rights, especially to education, health, recreation, to the project of his life, among others”, he stressed.

She recalled that since 2017 UN WOMEN, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are jointly implementing a Regional Program in Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure this sector of the population that have opportunities for their full development.

The official recognized the arduous evaluation task carried out by the Qualifying Jury, made up of experts in both education and art, who ruled the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, leaving 15 winning drawings, among which are the five works that will represent Yucatan in the national phase.

He shared that the selection of the winning works implied serious difficulties “not only because of the talent shown in the use of techniques, according to the age of the participants, but also because of the great value of their reflective messages and proactive ideas in the face of this problems embodied in his original drawings and paintings”.

After two deliberative sessions, the list of winners was as follows: Category A, from 6 to 9 years old, first place, Mariana Alejandra Argaez, from the municipality of Buctzotz, with the drawing “Exchange of realities; second, Cristian Cardeña Aké, with “Niña happy and sad”; and third place, Dana Paula Acosta, with “An uncertain future”. The last two live in Mérida.

Category B, from 10 to 12 years old, Saúl Castillo, from Mérida, won first place, with the work “Thorns that consume childhood”; second, Annie Elizabeth Tec Cantón, also from Mérida, with “I don’t want to, they force me”, and third place, Camila Guadalupe Ku Chan, from Hunucmá, with “El vestido blanco”.

In category C, from 13 to 15 years old, first place went to Joselyn Uc, from the municipality of Umán, with the work “Now I suffer and I don’t know how”; second, Rommel Gerardo Coch Estrella, from Hunucmá, with “Don’t force me” and the third was achieved by Santiago Alberto Puc Muñoz, from Mérida, with “Amor comprador”.

For category D, from 16 to 19 years old, first place was awarded to Ian Joseph Morales, with the artistic proposal “You call me a daughter when I’m just your product”; second, René Cardeña Avilés, with “Don’t do this to me dad” and the third went to Briana Donaji Salinas Avalos, with “Give in to pressure”. All three are from Merida.

In category E, from 20 to 24 years old, first place went to Guidalti Bethel Och, from Panabá, with the work “Slavery or freedom”, while second place went to María José Carvajal Estrella, with “No deseo”, and Third place, Omar Cardeña Arcique, with “Yesterday I was a girl, today they say I’m a woman”, both from Mérida.

These winners will be recognized by the State Government and will be awarded a Tablet, second places a SmartWatch (smart watch) and third places wireless headphones.

The school that participated with the greatest number of drawings: 107, was also the winner and was “José León Bojórquez García” from the municipality of Hunucmá, obtaining an excursion to the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá, provided by the CULTUR Board. Meanwhile, the second site was awarded to the “Tierra y Libertad” educational establishment, from Umán, with 64 participating works, and won a film screening in the XXI Century.

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