Durango records nine deaths from aseptic meningitis-by-fungus

Durango records nine deaths from aseptic meningitis-by-fungus
Durango records nine deaths from aseptic meningitis-by-fungus
Gilberto Lastra

Durango. / 21.11.2022 13:31:00

In Durangothis Monday, November 21 the ninth death due to aseptic meningitis caused by a fungus was recorded, leaving the confirmed cases in 59 total.

Gabriel García Rodríguez, General Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health at the national level, reported that The agent that causes fungal meningitis is very aggressive and dangerous. Therefore, it was decided to address the situation to investigate both diagnosis and treatment.

He explained that there is a follow-up with experts not only Mexican, but at an international level, in addition to permanent surveillance by medical personnel.

“We have already had tables of experts, panels of experts, with national experts, including international ones, who have given us their opinion, first, on the protocolization of treatment and on the possible outcome. The treatment is being as effective as possible. It is appropriate to the possible pathogen that we have identified. It is being approved by national institutes and highly specialized hospitals. In addition, it is being held because it is a disease that we do not know much about; It is a serious disease for these patients, so that human capacity is completely overturned”.

held that the work will be carried out with fluidity in the information, to give a solution to this outbreak of meningitis due to fungus which is already treated 58 patients.

For her part, Irasema Kondo, Secretary of Health in Durango, announced that This week an in-depth evaluation of the progress that the antifungal treatment has had is expected. given to infected patients.

Also for this week, it is expected to know if the medicines insured by the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks can be released. He exposed that Currently, there is an assessment of experts on the subject worldwide, that certify that the treatment provided to patients is correct.


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