Shirt that Mexico will wear in its match against Poland

Shirt that Mexico will wear in its match against Poland
Shirt that Mexico will wear in its match against Poland

The FIFA is in charge of choosing the clothing that the teams will wear during their matches in Qatar 2022.

In the event that the colors of the uniforms that they face are similar, the governing body of soccer in the world is the one that decrees the clothing combinations that they will have to resort to.

It also influences which is the home team and which is the visitor according to the calendar.

The Mexican team will debut in the world Qatar 2022 on November 22 at the Stadium 974 before his similar Poland.

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How will Mexico dress against Poland?

The team led by the Argentine, Gerardo the ‘Tata’ Martinowill be the local in their duel against the Poland of robert lewandoski. This is due to mere chance since the groups of the world in April of this year.

Being local, Mexico He will wear his traditional uniform. Green shirt, white shorts and red socks. The goalkeeper selected to play the match will wear a blue kit.

The Poland national team He will jump onto the playing field with a white shirt, red shorts and white socks while his goalkeeper will come out in yellow.

The uniforms that all teams will wear during the group stage are already defined. Picture Aztec he will wear the green jersey in all three of his first round matches. What will change will be the combinations you use.

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Which shirt will Mexico wear vs Argentina?

In the second group match, the Aztec Selection will face what is for many the favorite to raise the world Cup by the hand of Lionel Messi. Mexico will wear the same uniform as against Poland, only the goalkeeper’s clothing will change. This time he will be orange. Argentina He will come out with his typical albiceleste shirt and shorts and black socks. And the goalkeeper will wear a green kit.

Which shirt will Mexico wear vs Saudi Arabia?

It will be until the third match that the Mexican team will change their clothing. He will wear the same shirt, the novelty will be that the shorts will also be green. The socks will be the same as in previous matches and the goalkeeper will use blue again. Saudi Arabia Every bank will wear a uniform, except the goalkeeper who will appear in yellow.

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