Mexico sent police officers to Qatar to prevent the arrest of fans during the World Cup

By Mario Gutierrez Vega

Given the brawls and incidents of Mexican fans in the past world footballthe federal government sent Qatar a contingent of at least 11 agents of the Secretary of Citizen Security, National Guard and National Intelligence Center.

This is the largest Mexican police delegation sent to an event organized by the FIFA in recent years, according to the plan of the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE) to give security to the Mexican fans in Qatar.

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This document, which is found within the emails extracted to the Army by hackers macawrefers that the work of the agents in Qatar will be to deter the violation of local laws by the mexican fans and avoid his arrest.

“(The police team) will try to reduce accidents and major risks during the development of the matchescelebrations in the ‘fan zones’ and public spaces, as well as in places of lodging and recreation”, details the proposal for accompaniment in terms of security.

It also indicates that the mexican agents They will not be uniformed or armed and will only carry a badge that will identify them as part of the foreign armed forces.

This contingent triples that sent by Mexico to the World Cup in South Africa 2010made up of four agents from the now-defunct Federal Investigation Agency (IPA). It also surpasses the five AFI members who traveled to the Brazil World Cup 2014 and the five members of the Federal Police who were in the Russia World Cup 2018.

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The SRE also states in this document that for the Club World Cupheld last year in Qatartwo agents of the Attorney General of the Republic traveled (FGR).

The accompaniment proposal in security matter indicates that the presence of the Mexican police in the world football It has been essential to avoid major incidents.

To justify the police presence in Qatarthe SRE points out that in South Africa 2010 the intervention of Mexican agents prevented “a pitched battle” between the Argentine and Mexican fans, while in Russia 2018 the agents prevented the detention of Mexicans outside the stadiums “due to the use of drones”.

“In the history of participations of Mexicothere have been a series of incidents that, although they have generally remained emblematic, are still transgressions of the laws and the object of attention and consular protection by the Mexican government”, indicates the Chancellery in your protection plan.

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Alert about prohibitions and punishments

Another document produced by the SRE on July 1, and which is part of the files hacked by the collective macawrefers that the Mexican government must alert fans about the severe prohibitions regarding political, religious and ideological activism in Qatarin addition to the severe sanctions that exist for the transfer, possession and consumption of weapons, drugs and alcoholic drinks.

In recent months, the SRE shared these and other planning files with the Secretary of National Defense (sedena), since the Army was invited to sign an agreement signed between secretariats and federal government offices in order to provide protection to fans who visit Qatar.

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The Mexican police delegation operates from the Center Mexico Qatara space where the security agents of the Interpol and from more than 30 countries.

Before the arrival of thousands of tourists, Qatar It has asked for the support of other countries because it does not have enough police forces.

According to the SREin Qatar The arrival of between 50,000 and 70,000 Mexicans is expected, one of the largest groups of fans in the World Cup that begins this Sunday.

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