Problem with ships has caused a shortage of LP gas, for a week, in BCS; said the Governor

The Governor detailed the cause of the problem of the lack of LP gas in La Paz, which he hopes will be solved in the coming days

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La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). There is great discontent in La Paz, because this week of November, the supply of Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas at home was suspended in the city; before this the Governor, Victor Castro Cosio detailed that the problem was due to the departure of a ship from operations; Hope it will be resolved in the next few days.

“It has not yet been regularized, a vessel from one of the companies that is mainly dedicated to bringing gas, had to send a ship to maintenance and this disrupted its logistics system (…) It is a difficult situation that I hope, as the shipping companies told me, that be normalized in these 2-3 days to come”, he stressed.

On Wednesday the 16th of the month in curso Long lines of citizens seeking to refill their tank were reported; Until this Friday, if a person requires the service, they must still go to one of the city’s gas companies, but the governor assures that gas is available.

“Yes, Yes, oh, but if you have 3 cylinders, they will sell you 1, the rational to maintain a bit of balance, but they are distributing, but in a limited way”, he assured.

He took the opportunity to mention that these problems originate from the limited number of shipping companies in charge of bringing the products that the state needs, and he hoped there would be more.

“Depending on 1 or 2 shipping companies always creates problems for us because any circumstance that happens to one of the 2 shipping companies, which are the ones that are working in Baja California Sur, well, everything is disrupted, that is the reality, I wish there were more shipping companies that could compete and not depend only on 2”, he mentioned.

Finally, he hopes that this will not be a trigger for companies to raise the costs of LP gas, which are adjusted by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), which are published every Sunday.

“Let’s hope that no one abuses, they tend to abuse and I call on the gas companies not to do that, because that’s where the Profeco (Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office) would come in.” because they can’t abuse, I think it has to be a fairer job”the Governor narrowed.

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