Salvador Lam Chang: who is the Sonoran who is succeeding in Iron Chef Mexico? – The Sun of Hermosillo

Salvador Lam Chang: who is the Sonoran who is succeeding in Iron Chef Mexico? – The Sun of Hermosillo
Salvador Lam Chang: who is the Sonoran who is succeeding in Iron Chef Mexico? – The Sun of Hermosillo

There is no doubt that Sonorans are talented. They shine more and more in the world of entertainment and put on high in the name of Sonora. Some as singers, others as actors and conductors: Christian Nodal, Yahir, David Zepedaamong others.

Now we come to tell you about a young man who is succeeding in the reality show Iron Chef Mexico 2022; This is Salvador Lam Chang, a native of Huatabampo, Sonora.

At his young age, Salvador Lam Chang He is an actor, director and producer, and has his own company called Rango Studio, dedicated to photography, portraits of models, actors, and also people who want to show a business image.

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But let’s go from the beginning. The young artist hails from Etchoropo Hillin Huatabampo, south of Sonora. There he lived his childhood and adolescence, together with his three brothers; His parents were dedicated to teaching and since he was 7 years old he has liked sports, music and acting.

For work reasons, he and his family had to move to Hermosillowhere he had his first contact with the theater and it was there that he discovered his passion for acting at the age of 16.

Now for your professional studies, Salvador Lam Chang He studied Communication Sciences at the University of Sonora, where his taste for photography and video grew, and he focused on audiovisual production.

Upon finishing his degree, the Sonoran actor chose to move to the Mexico City in the company of one of his brothers, where he knocked on doors to demonstrate his talent that we can now all see in Iron Chef Mexico 2022.

Salvador Lam Chang walks through CDMX

In their different social networks such as Instagram and Facebook shares the images of how he has grown artistically over the years. She also discloses her experiences and adventures, especially in the Mexico Citywhich is where he currently lives, but also Sonoran landscapes.

In one of the images, you can see that he is on San Nicolás beach, near Kino Bay. “This doesn’t need a description. Thank you friend for making me part of your process and growing mine.”

In another of the publications that he shares with his followers, Salvador Lam Chang He writes words of gratitude to life because he works in what he likes, for the love of his family and for how happy he is. In the background is an old plant in Mexico City.

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“I know the fortune I breathe, and so I celebrate it by giving kindness and lightness to the lives of others around me,” the post reads.

Now you know a little more about Salvador Lam Chang, the Sonoran who triumphed in the Iron Chef Mexico 2022 show, along with artists such as Paty Cantu.

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