They hold the fifth Grand Prix of Karting in Veracruz

They hold the fifth Grand Prix of Karting in Veracruz
They hold the fifth Grand Prix of Karting in Veracruz

With the participation of close to 40 pilots in various categories, the fifth Grand Prix of the Veracruz Championship Karting (CVK), this weekend at the Veracruz Kartdrome.

The champions of the fifth date in each category were: Judith Acosta (Honda Femenil), Mateo Fuster (Tag 60/80), Pedro Canabal (Honda 5.5) and Francisco Calvo (Tag 125).

The Go Karts engines made the track vibrate with exciting races in each of the main categories in the Veracruz series.

In the women’s slingshot category, first place went to Judith Acosta, second place to Karla Gastelú and third place went to Nancy Ruiz.

“The race was a bit difficult, with a lot of emotion and then to follow him for the next one. I concentrated and focused on finishing the race well, the most important thing was to go fast without allowing overtaking”, commented Karla Gastelú Remes, second place in your category.

In the 60/80 Tag category, the winner was Mateo Fuster and Enzo Muñoz was in second place. In the Honda 5.5 category the winner was Pedro Canabal, Matías Garrido was in second place and Juan Pablo Leyva in third place.

Finally, in the Tag 125 category, the champion was Francisco Calvo, in second place was Ricardo Beristaín and in third place was Rafael Fuster.

“It was a very close race, with good confrontations and thank God we came out winners, now to think about the next race; we invite you to come and have a good time with the show.

Too many overtaking, crashes, at the beginning qualifying was done with the track in the rain, then it was removed; the race generated more competitiveness among the pilots,” said the champion in Tag 125, Francisco Calvo.

The Veracruz Championship Karting reaches the middle of the season full of emotions with the roar of the engines, a sport that adds more practitioners and fans as the dates of the series pass.

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