Sexual abusers of girls in Puebla are linked to the process

Sexual abusers of girls in Puebla are linked to the process
Sexual abusers of girls in Puebla are linked to the process
Jesus Zavala

Puebla / 09.23.2022 16:05:24

A couple of men were linked to the process for their alleged relationship with the crime of sexual abuse against minors in Puebla, one of them attacked his victim on public transport and the other took advantage of his position as a psychologist for the affected minor.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) announced in the first instancethe link to the process of José Adrián N, allegedly responsible for the crime of sexual abuse of a minor of just 8 years of age, who would have made lewd touches on board public transport in the Barrio de la Luz on September 3.

While Héctor Ángel N, was linked to the process as part of the follow-up corresponding to an investigation folder dating from March 2018when the now accused would have made lewd touches to who was his psychological patient during therapies in the Los Volcanes neighborhood.

For this reason, the ministerial authority carried out the corresponding investigations and formulated the link to the process that was accepted by a Control Judge, who also imposed the precautionary measures of: periodic signature, the payment of an economic guarantee, the prohibition to approach the victim and the suspension of his functions as a psychologist.

In the case of José Adrián, he is currently under the precautionary measure of unofficial pretrial detention and must remain behind bars until the investigation against him is concluded and if found guilty, he is sentenced.


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