“BETWEEN THE LINES” / The problem of teachers in Tamaulipas…

“BETWEEN THE LINES” / The problem of teachers in Tamaulipas…
“BETWEEN THE LINES” / The problem of teachers in Tamaulipas…


THE REFORM INITIATIVE TO EXPAND THE MILITARY PRESENCE TO SECURITY TASKS IN MEXICO UNTIL 2028, WAS REJECTED BY THE MAJORITY OF SENATORS IN THE COUNTRY’S UNION CONGRESS THIS MORNING, THE FINAL VOTE DID NOT MEET TWO-THIRDS OF THE TOTAL of the federal legislators, overwhelmed the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed in his statements while he continues as President of Mexico he will be insisting on his approval, considers the army should be in security tasks as the national guard.

THIS AFTERNOON REPRESENTATIVE YOLANDA DE LA TORRE WHO PRESENTED THE REFORM PROPOSAL TO EXPAND THE PRESENCE OF THE MEXICAN ARMY IN THE STREETS OF THE STATES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY UNTIL 2028, ASKED FOR A LICENSE IN HER POSITION BEFORE THE CONGRESS OF THE UNION for an indefinite period of time , the PRI federal legislator did not clarify the reasons that compel her to request this license, it transpired that she will join the cabinet in the State of Durango starting next Saturday, October 1.

THE POSITION OF THE PRESIDENT OF MEXICO ANDRES MANUEL LOPEZ OBRADOR WAS CLEAR AS HIS WAY OF ACTING, HE WILL CONTINUE INSISTING IN PRESENTING THE REFORM TO THE ARMED FORCES AS MANY TIMES AS NECESSARY WHILE HE IS IN POWER, AS HE WILL NOT NEGOTIATE WITH THE OPPOSITION, the automatic reading it is the negotiation with Alejandro “Alito” Moreno about this initiative to be presented by his legislator Yolanda de la Torre, now AMLO affirms that it will continue, then it was indeed an initiative of the ruler of Morena as we exposed it last week in the corresponding informative delivery .

OF COURSE IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THIS ACTION WAS TAKEN AS AN ACT OF TREASON BY THE NATIONAL LEADER OF THE PAN MARKO CORTES AS THE NATIONAL PRESIDENT OF THE PRD PARTY JESUS ​​ZAMBRANO BY HIS ALLEGED ALLY ALEJANDRO “ALITO” MORENO, who in this way destroyed the alliance political “Go for Mexico”, to fight to snatch the presidency of the republic from Morena’s party, finally Alito Moreno played two political cards on the one hand he negotiated with the PAN on the other with Morena, it is enough to remember who serves two masters with someone wrong, then it suits him to look bad with Marko Cortes and Chucho, otherwise the arrest warrants were in the oven cooking, to turn against Alito Moreno.

I CONSIDER PRESIDENT ANDRES MANUEL WITHIN HIS DECLARATIONS THIS INITIATIVE WILL BE SUBMITTED AGAIN, BUT IT COULD ALSO BE SUBMITTED TO A POPULAR CITIZEN VOTE, AS TIME ADVANCES THE CITIZENSHIP WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO KNOW with expanded information on the reform of the armed forces in which consists, they only lacked the vote of 04 senators, although President AMLO recognized that it was approved with only one vote, the generals proposed to negotiate with some of the opposition but I did not accept it, “I will not negotiate with the Opposition”, this initiative is not going away to vitiate as it happened in past six-year terms with the federal police under the command of a Genaro García Luna who was part of the corruption with the delinquency or an Osorio Chong, words of AMLO.

THE SENATORS, FEDERAL DEPUTIES AND NATIONAL LEADER OF THE ECOLOGIST GREEN PARTY IN MEXICO SUPPORT THE GOVERNOR OF TAMAULIPAS ELECTED BY CITIZEN WILL DR. AMERICO VILLARREAL ANAYA, AS WELL AS ITS STATE LEADER MANUEL MUÑOZ, publicly externalized its leader Karen Castrejón Murillo, indignantly lamenting that there are perverse minds that try to tarnish his image, they are raising their voices from the Mexican capital so that the decision of all Tamaulipas is respected, the The moral quality of both Dr. Américo and Manuel is impeccable, likewise their performance within the public service, well it is a moral endorsement freely expressed by Lic. Karen Castrejón of great value in these moments of political turbulence.


THE SIAMARM UNION WAS DIRECTED BY LIC. ALBERTO LARA BAZALDUA IN THE LAST TWO YEARS, MANAGING TO INCREASE THE AFFILIATION OF WORKERS, BY ACHIEVING THE COLLECTIVE CONTRACTS OF WORK WITH THE DIFFERENT MAQUILADORA PLANTS, likewise the support granted to the unionized workers was carried out in his administration, in this new committee executive, Lic. Lara Basaldúa will be the legal representative of the union organization, today they have union representations in different states, in Tamaulipas they are the strongest and largest organization for their labor representation with affiliated workers, Byron Cavazos continues to be congratulated for his new appointment.

THE RIOBRAVENSE GOVERNMENT ENDORSED THE SUPPORT FOR EDUCATION IN THIS PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, THE INITIATIVE OF THE LICENSED MAYOR HECTOR JOEL VILLEGAS CONTINUES FORWARD BY THE INTERIM MAYOR PROF. TEODORO ESCALON, TODAY PARENTS, students, and teachers of CBTIS 73 applauded the pothole work on Calle San Luis, which was destroyed by potholes, likewise the directors of CBTA # 98 requested support to illuminate their extensions from preschool to middle level. superior have been having problems due to lack of lighting, the response of the municipal government was positive and solved this need.

TALKING ABOUT TEACHERS, WELL THE PROBLEM FACING THE SECRETARY OF EDUCATION IN TAMAULIPAS BEFORE THE LACK OF PAYMENT TO PROFESSIONALS THEY HAVE NOT RECEIVED SALARIES FROM THE STATE GOVERNMENT, THEY HAVE SEVERAL FORTNIGHTS THEY ARE OWE THEM, TODAY THE SECRETARY OF EDUCATION IN TAMAULIPAS MARIO GOMEZ MONROY informed you he is managing the resources before the federal government, of course it is difficult that nine days after leaving his position he will achieve it, the letter of management is dated on the 21st week, I consider that what he has shown is apathy, the union leaders such as the holders of the CREDES they have remained mute before the requests of their fellow education professionals, the debt is for 110,000,000 pesos to pay their salaries, benefits and social security contributions, they are practically giving a little improvement to the problem of the teachers, Lic. Mario Gómez Monroy Of course, Rigoberto Guevara, leader of section 30 of the SNTE, never pressed because he was part of his image as a leader that lay on the ground.

I THINK MARIO GOMEZ MONROY SECRETARY OF EDUCATION IN TAMAULIPAS YOU SHOULD ASK THE MAYOR OF REYNOSA CARLOS PEÑA ORTIZ HOW HE DOES HIM TO PAY MORE THAN 100 SALARIES FROM THE BUDGET TO MANAGERS OF DIFFERENT SCHOOLS, BECAUSE THE Secretary of Education never decided to include them on the payroll despite being a necessity in primary and secondary schools, so far the municipal president of Reynosa Carlos Peña Ortiz has paid biweekly salaries on time, as well as the benefits established by law without being an obligation that corresponds to the Municipality.

TEAMWORK HAS DEFINITELY ALWAYS WORKED IN EVERY COMPANY OR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, TODAY IT WAS CONFIRMED IN VALLE HERMOSO, MAYOR DR. ALBERTO ALANIS VILLARREAL CONTINUED MEETINGS WITH THE INHABITANTS OF HIDALGO DE LA BRECHA STREET 118 to 119 -one kilometer- in the west sector, they formed a board of trustees to pave the street, the result today was seen with the start of preparation work for the In the coming weeks, apply the hot folder, this will give greater value to the properties, create a decent place for their families, this is an access for all the students of the western neighborhoods to the federal secondary school # 1 “Adolfo López Mateos” , as well as the “Valle Hermoso” high school of the UAT.

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