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Hoy Tamaulipas – Columna Reeljeesee by David Ed Castellanos Whoever laughs last wins a chesco

Hoy Tamaulipas – Columna Reeljeesee by David Ed Castellanos Whoever laughs last wins a chesco
Hoy Tamaulipas – Columna Reeljeesee by David Ed Castellanos Whoever laughs last wins a chesco

One is on tour in the United States, the other is waiting for what the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation dictates, and a third is receiving the support of its allies. Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca, with Henry Cuellar; el Truco with his family, and Américo receiving the support of Manuel Muñoz Cano. All involved in the same argument.

The still head of the state executive, Cabeza de Vaca, held various meetings with several US congressmen, including Henry Cuellar; said Cabeza de Vaca, a great ally for Tamaulipas and for Mexico.

The Tamaulipas president is a few days away from finishing his administration, and far from what many Morenoites and their pamphleteers proclaimed, Francisco Javier is not behind bars and/or bulletined by the United States without the right to set foot on its territory, quite the opposite. , the most bravado of the opposition governors of Andrés Manuel López Obrador struts in the country of the stars and stripes, but not only that, in the midst of an insecurity crisis for Mexico in the face of the failed strategy of the Obrador government, the Tamaulipas stir up and underlines his achievements in search of peace in this entity, recalling the promotion of the cross-border campaign “Prosperity and Security”, which allowed him to work closely with various US agencies.

Cabeza de Vaca not only made Tamaulipas what he wanted, right or wrong? You judge, but also, according to your lawyers, you will have the luxury of coming out of it well and with the rope to continue doing politics and throwing a grid to fight for Mexico, from your trench -so you say- and add: “we will continue promoting trade between Mexico and United States, knowing that Tamaulipas is the state with the largest commercial movement between these two nations.

Head, go on; el Truco, waiting, and Américo receiving the support and endorsement of Manuel Muñoz Cano… it’s not much.

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David Ed Castellanos

Journalist-correspondent and columnist, passionate about sports with a main interest in political analysis of Mexico and the new world order.

La Columna Relax, is written from the Gordillazo, in the PRI regime Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018), the president of Mexico who brought down the most powerful woman of her time.

From Tampico, south of Tamaulipas in Mexico, he offers an irreverent and different point of view; as orthodox as finding a gentleman in the modern age.

I don’t know tomorrow… Relax!

The article is in Spanish


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