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Food in Tlaxcala hospitals is fit for consumption: Coeprist

Food in Tlaxcala hospitals is fit for consumption: Coeprist
Food in Tlaxcala hospitals is fit for consumption: Coeprist

The State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of the State of Tlaxcala (Coeprist) reported that it verified the food in hospitals and medical units of the entity and, from this, it follows that these are in optimal conditions and within the Standard 251 SSA 1-2009, referring to good hygiene practices for food processing.

The head of the Coeprist, Francisco Jiménez Campos indicated that “the food that is in optimal conditions is checked and those that are not are separated. It is there where they took the photographs and the food they are going to prepare is selected and if they do not have the right texture, color and smell, they are rejected, then that was the moment when they took the photos.”

Jiménez Campos assured patients and workers that “the food they are consuming and the water they are drinking are in regulatory conditions. They are not a health risk at this time.”

The Coeprist reported that the staff and patients of the hospitals were contacted to find out if they had any reaction to the consumption of spoiled food, to which the commissioner said that “no one filed complaints about infectious gastroenteritis and there is not a single case , which means that the food supplied in the medical units is fit for consumption”.

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The unit works in accordance with standard 251 SSA, so when conducting random checks in the entity’s public hospitals, they found that the infrastructure, storage, preparation and distribution of food for diners are within the standard. in a parameter from 80 to 100 percent.

Finally, the institution carries out intervention activities in state hospitals to verify that the water stored in the cisterns is being chlorinated effectively, with calcium hypochlorite tablets, and with this, to ensure that the water is hyper-chlorinated and suitable for use. use.

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