Barbosa questions Eduardo Rivera’s demands on Fortaseg resources – El Sol de Puebla

Barbosa questions Eduardo Rivera’s demands on Fortaseg resources – El Sol de Puebla
Barbosa questions Eduardo Rivera’s demands on Fortaseg resources – El Sol de Puebla

The governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta questioned the demands that the mayor of PueblaEduardo Rivera Perezdirected federal deputies to restore the resources of the fund for Strengthening Performance in Public Security (Fortaseg), since he pointed out that the mayor only seeks to promote his image and, in addition, accused that the city council has money, however, he decides to use it in “other things”.

After learning that Rivera Pérez expressed his concern in recent days before the insufficient public capitalspecifically the one that was used to cover the expenses derived from citizen protection, much of which came from Fortaseg -which the Federation stopped delivering since 2021-, the poblano president maintained that there are resources, but the mayor intends expose their claims as a communication strategy.

The municipal president is being promoted [y] it is legitimate, it is part of social communication strategies. Yes, they are funds that have to be moved in the Chamber of Deputies, yes, and I know that it is a general initiative that is circulating… [pero] let it not be said that there are no funds for public security,” he said at a press conference this Thursday.

Regarding the case of Fortaseg, he admitted that, although the resources labeled with that program are no longer taught, the federal government does distribute money to the states and municipalities focused on public safety strategies.

“The City Council of Puebla and the [demás] municipalities receive (resources), nothing more than those who receive them no longer want to send them to security, they want to send them to other things, but there are funds that they receive (…) no longer in the specific form of Fortaseg, no, that already it does not exist as such, but there is,” he remarked.

Therefore, he considered that presenting this situation in a way that is like wanting to “present things without being totally true or totally false”.

Despite this, recognized that the resources allocated by the Federation to the states and municipalities are insufficient, and although he pointed out that a responsibility of the authorities is to demand that revenues increase, in this particular case it is not justified, since the mayor asks that they be increased for public safety and for that item there is no shortage.

“They are always necessary, yes, the municipalities and the states always need more resources from the Federation (…) but if we talk about security, there are resources that are allocated to security in the funds that are received (…) I see that it is natural that it is being considered but you have to understand it as it is”, concluded.

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