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09/22/2022 | Merida Yucatan

Given the reduction in the number of infections and deaths from coronavirus, the State Health Secretariat (SSY) reported that, starting next Monday, September 26, the use of face masks will be voluntary, with the exception of hospitals, health centers and medical units, where it will continue to be mandatory; in addition to the fact that the State Epidemiological Traffic Light, which is in green, will no longer be issued, and the figures on the behavior of Covid-19 will be updated fortnightly on the website of the state agency.

During a meeting of the Committee of Experts, made up of Yucatecan specialists in public and private health, and the head of the SSY, Mauricio Sauri Vivas, it was reported that the state currently presents favorable data to take another step towards total reactivation, Therefore, it was determined that the use of the face mask is voluntary, except in the aforementioned places, where it will continue to be mandatory.

Since last May 12, the state has ordered the voluntary use of face masks in open spaces, except in closed places, as well as in public transport and also the removal of sanitary filters at the entrance of each place and they are only kept at the enter schools.

However, it is recommended, as a preventive measure, to continue with this measure in older adults, with comorbidities that put their health at risk or symptoms of a respiratory disease.

Notwithstanding the significant advances against the coronavirus, the Committee of Experts and the state official reiterated the call to the Yucatecan population to act with great responsibility and maintain basic sanitary habits, since, if there is a significant rebound in cases, could resume some measures to protect the health of Yucatecans.

Likewise, it was reported that the figures on the behavior of Covid-19 in the state will be updated, starting Monday, September 26, fortnightly on the SSY website,

Similarly, it was recalled that those who have not received their vaccine or reinforcement are invited to apply it and join in the protection of their health, that of their family and other people.

For this purpose, permanent vaccination modules have been set up in 10 municipalities: Mérida, Umán, Kanasín, Progreso, Tekax, Ticul, Valladolid, Izamal, Motul and Tizimín. To access this service, you can go from Monday to Friday, between 8 and 18 hours.

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