Guerrero, fertile land for dreams and aspirations of young people: Evelyn Salgado

Guerrero, fertile land for dreams and aspirations of young people: Evelyn Salgado
Guerrero, fertile land for dreams and aspirations of young people: Evelyn Salgado

For his contribution to the development of Warrior from each of its areas of opportunity, 11 young women and men were awarded the State Youth Merit Award 2022 by the governor Evelyn Salgado Pinedawho recognized their talent and their work in the human developmentprofessional growth and good practices in the social and community sphere in favor of Warrior.

In her message, the governor reiterated that she is a friend and ally of the youth of Guerrero as an essential part of the transformation into warriorworking every day for guarantee your rightstheir development and their freedom.

Through the Secretariat for Youth and Children, in the category of Disability and Integration, he was awarded Ulises Daniel Diaz Adameas well as Dillan Michel Perez Ramos for him Science Merit Y Technology; Ricardo Alexis Locia Hernandezin the category of Human Rights, while the Academic Achievement Merit was decorated Arlette Pamela Silva Hernandez.

In the category of Social Commitment, he received the recognition Sergio Daniel Aguero Ramirez; Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Lizeth Alejandra Helguera Peralta and Sports Merit, was awarded to Miguel Angel Garcia Ramos; artistic expressions, Amber Stephanie Santos Rios; Strengthening the Indigenous Culture, Cristo Reyno Nepomuceno; Contribution to Political Culture and Democracy, Jana Laura Voorting Salazar and Entrepreneurial Ingenuity, Maria de los Angeles Arcos Gonzalez.

The young laureates of the State Youth Merit Award 2022, enthusiastically received this recognition, who recognized through Arlet Pamela Silva Hernandez to the governor Evelyn Salgado Pinedato take into account in the transformation work in Guerrero.

The deputy president of the Board of Directors of the State Congress attended, Yanelly Hernandez Martinez; Senator Félix Salgado Macedonio; the director of the National Youth Institute, William Santiago; Secretary of Youth and Children of Guerrero, Jessica Maldonado Morales; the mayor of Chilpancingo, Norma Otilia Hernandez Martinez; Secretary of Finance and Administration, Raymundo Estrada Segura.


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