La Jornada – Ebrard presents AMLO’s proposal for peace in Ukraine to the UN

La Jornada – Ebrard presents AMLO’s proposal for peace in Ukraine to the UN
La Jornada – Ebrard presents AMLO’s proposal for peace in Ukraine to the UN

Mexico City. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard presented this Thursday to the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN) the mediation proposal for peace in Ukraine by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In a session of the Security Council held at the UN headquarters in New York, Ebrard pointed out that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is “a flagrant violation of the provisions of the United Nations Charter that has violated peace and security international”.

He affirmed that since the beginning of the hostilities, Mexico has insisted on seeking a diplomatic solution and on addressing the humanitarian dimension of the conflict, without subordinating political considerations and in strict adherence to international humanitarian law, and stated that “resigning oneself to war is always go off a cliff.”

He said that the progress of the war with its considerable human and material costs, and the increase in humanitarian needs derived from the conflict “urgently requires a diplomatic solution, a ceasefire, and for this the political will of the parties is required.” and the commitment of the international community”.

“Even in the midst of war, dialogue and agreements are possible,” he assured.

“Based on its pacifist vocation, Mexico believes that the international community must now channel its best efforts to achieve peace. In this sense, I allow myself to share with you the proposal of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to strengthen the efforts of the Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, through the formation of a committee for dialogue and peace in Ukraine, with the participation from other heads of state and government, including if possible His Excellency Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, and His Holiness Pope Francis.”

“The objective would be very clear: to generate new mechanisms for dialogue and create complementary spaces for mediation that foster trust, reduce tensions and open the way to true peace,” said Ebrard, who will also present the proposal this afternoon to the UN General Assembly.

The foreign minister added that since the beginning of the conflict, my country’s position has been based on our constitutional principles of foreign policy, which are in accordance with the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, notably non-intervention, the solution peaceful disputes and the prohibition of the threat or use of force”.

He said that for Mexico there is no room for ambiguity and that “the peaceful coexistence of the States depends precisely on the respect of all of them, there can be no exceptions”, and pointed out that it is a propitious time to make structural reforms so that the Council does not remain idle in circumstances like this.

He added that for Mexico any action that violates the basic guarantee of every State not to be invaded by another country is illegal and illegitimate.

He assured that although indifference to the war is not admissible, neither is “remaining in regret that until now the Security Council has not been able to fulfill its essential responsibility.”

He considered that the size of the nuclear risk derived from attacks around the Zaporizhia nuclear plant is particularly worrying, so safeguarding its integrity is critical.

He asserted that those responsible for the crimes that have been committed in Ukraine must be brought to justice and that in this sense the work of the International Criminal Court is fundamental.

He recalled that within the Council, Mexico, together with France, promoted a draft resolution on humanitarian assistance, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on March 24.

He added that Mexico has supported the mediation efforts of the UN Secretary General, Antoni Guterres, and that together with Norway, he promoted a presidential declaration for this purpose, which was adopted by the Security Council on May 6. “It is a declaration that is clearly insufficient, but it is the only public expression that this Council has been able to issue since the beginning of the conflict,” he stressed.

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