Dua Lipa and Aron Piper were caught together in Mexico City

Dua Lipa and Aron Piper were caught together in Mexico City
Dua Lipa and Aron Piper were caught together in Mexico City

Dua Lipa and Aron Piper were seen together in Mexico City. (Photo: special)

The earthquake recorded the early morning of September 22 brought panic and crisis, but also unveiled the party night that Dua Lipa and Aron Piper enjoyed after the concert given by the British singer in a crowded Foro Sol in Mexico City. The rumor that a few months ago broke out on social networks, after the publication of some videos where Piper and Dua Lipa were seen celebrating in Spain, this morning grew again.

A club in the streets of Zona Rosa hosted the Aron Piper show early morning of September 22what seemed like an after of the Future Nostalgia Tour that Dua Lipa had just offered to her thousands of Mexican fans. Some lucky ones and followers of the artists got tickets for the private celebration, where everything started very well. drinks, dancing, reggaeton and a very contagious festive atmosphere, the club rocked the surrounding streets and the crowd chanted each song that the DJ threw on the dance floor.

Dua Lipa had just appeared at the Foro Sol and had the misfortune to experience the earthquake that woke up CDMX and other states. (Capture: Twitter/@God_Father)

Dua Lipa chatted and danced happily with Aron Piper, until at 1:16 a.m., an earthquake of magnitude 6.9, with an epicenter in Coalcomán, Michoacán, hit the CDMX. All the neighbors came out of their houses, apartments and the nightclubs evicted their audience, fear once again invaded the people of the capital.

It was then that several photographs and videos began to go viral about how the famous singer from the United Kingdom had experienced the tremor. In a 16-second recording, the confused singer can be seen surrounded by bodyguards and she can be seen exchanging a few words with Piper.

For a few moments the Spanish actor had gone unnoticed, because during Dua Lipa’s tour he had been seen accompanied by another person. However, the internet did its magic and the fans who had attended the party night began to publish photos and videos of the show that Aron Piper gave in the club after the earthquake. Since the seismic alarm had barely stopped sounding, the venue resumed music and gave way to the concert where Piper shared the stage with the American rapper, Rich Boy among a euphoric audience.

For his part, although it had been speculated for some time that Arón had a relationship with Jessica Goicoechea, neither of them spoke about it. The only evidence that could exist of said romance would be a photo in which the two are allegedly kissing and that, according to the media Hello!, Albert Mullor would be responsible for having exposed it.


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