Martina Figo lives the American dream in California

The footballer’s middle daughter louis figo you’re living the true American dream…almost literally. Martina Figo She has spent several months spending long periods in San Diego, where her boyfriend, Luis Osorio, has lived for several years., and there he enjoys a beautiful life stage in which he combines his studies with some of his hobbies such as surfing or the sea.

Martina Figo at the wedding of Juan José Suelves in June 2019 in Tarragona. (Photo by Europa Press Entertainment/Europa Press via Getty Images)

In February 2020 the young woman turned 18 and it was at that moment when we discovered that she has inherited her beauty from her mother, the model of Swedish origin Helen Svedin. Martina is the middle of three sisters and although she has taken her first steps as a model, just like her older sister, Daniela Figo, it seems that she prefers to be focused on her studies for the moment. From September 2020 study Pharmacology (the science that studies the products pharmacological and other chemical substances covering their biological effects, their composition, their sources and their chemical properties) and Physiology at the University of Westminster and will finish his degree next year.

California style living

This experience in California that the 20-year-old is living is being incredible thanks also to the company of her boyfriend, Luis Osorio. Although he studies in London, he visits him frequently and often enjoys unforgettable weeks at his side in California. The young man, son of Ioannes Osorio and Blanca Suelves, Dukes of Alburquerque, graduated from the University of San Diego in June 2021 and continues to live there to this day. It seems that the spectacular beaches and the good weather have led the young couple to stay there at least for the time being. They like to enjoy surfing every weekend and well-known restaurants such as the In ‘n’ Out hamburger restaurant, at whose Los Angeles headquarters many of the Hollywood actors end up every year after the Oscars.

One of his favorite places in San Diego is Mission Beach, a casual-style neighborhood whose eponymous beach attracts surfers, volleyball players and sun worshipers, and whose boardwalk is lined with trendy restaurants and bars. Uploaded in their convertible car, the couple usually spend days also in Black’s Beach, located in La Jolla, California, and where they like to go hiking, another of Martina and her boyfriend’s hobbies. The couple makes the most of when they are together and they like to have a sandwich or a small impromptu picnic on the sand of the beach to enjoy a delicious brunch in a trendy place like Little Lion Café or Little Frenchie or a good plate of sushi at Sushi Ota San Diego. Martina loves to cook, ride horses, share sunsets with her partner or wait for him on the sand reading a book while he surfs.

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They met at school

The couple met when they were still at school and years later they started dating, specifically in mid-2019. He spent time in the UK at the Sherborne School for boys and after finishing High School he started Business Administration at The College for International Studies (CIS) to end up graduating in California. Always discreet, together we have seen them at the wedding of Luis’s cousin, Juan Jose Suelves Osorio, in Tarragona, during the summer of 2019. Luis is fully integrated into Martina’s family and in summer he usually spends a few days with them in Ibiza. The couple starred in a campaign for Ecoalf a couple of years ago.

A gang with illustrious surnames

The young woman studied the Runnymede school in Madrid, one of the best known and frequented by children of soccer players, politicians and high-society figures in the capital. Not surprisingly, the center has a waiting list and costs about 10,000 euros per course. There it coincided with Amina Martinez de Irujothe daughter of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo and Genoveva Casanova, who became one of Martina’s great friends since they shared a classroom at the private school in La Moraleja.

With Amina he has enjoyed many trips in a gang, such as to Ibiza or San Sebastián, and in his group of closest friends they are also Gigi Moragas, daughter of former politician Jorge Moragas, and Jaime Barroso Silva, middle son of businessman Pepe Barroso.

Helene Svedin and Luis Figo have been together for more than two decades and have three daughters. (Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage)

Helene Svedin and Luis Figo have been together for more than two decades and have three daughters. (Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage)

Helene Svedin and Luis Figo have been together for more than two decades and have three daughters. (Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage)

The love story of their parents

Without a doubt, the couple formed by Luis Figo, 49, and Helen Svedin, 47, is one of the most stable in the world of show business. The Portuguese and the Swedish model met in a restaurant in Barcelona more than 20 years ago and were married in 2001. Before their wedding they had already had their first daughter, Daniela, who was born in March 1999. The link was held on June 20, 2001 at the Castle House, a castle in Albufeira, about 30 kilometers from Vila Moura, in Portugal. Barely a hundred guests attended, including well-known faces from the world of football such as Raul Gonzalez, Luis Enrique or Florentino Pérez and Jorge Valdano. Helene wore a design of Giorgio Armani and everyone enjoyed an intimate and family wedding on top of a spectacular cliff overlooking the sea.

The family still lives in Madrid and here they lead a most discreet life. They are not usual at parties or glamorous events in the capital and prefer to live away from the media noise except in rare appearances, such as a few months ago when Helen and Figo starred in a campaign for a fashion firm.

She loves to ride horses and he prefers to play golf, the great fans who fell in love with him after leaving football in 2009. In the summer they like to spend a few weeks in Portugal, the footballer’s homeland, but they don’t miss a few days in Ibiza, where they enjoy their summer holidays aboard some imposing ship.

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