Amazon leaks Louis Tomlinson’s alleged second album: “I’m devastated”

Amazon leaks Louis Tomlinson’s alleged second album: “I’m devastated”
Amazon leaks Louis Tomlinson’s alleged second album: “I’m devastated”

Louis Tomlinsonthe former member of the boyband One Direction, is closing a successful tour around the world and although everything seemed to be going great, this Thursday amazon there would be filtered out the second album singer’s studio.

This news took his fans by surprise, since until now it was only known that he was working on this material and the new songs that would compose it, but not the release date or the Name.

Despite this, and the fact that Louis Tomlinson had not yet made the official announcement of his next material, the online sales platform revealed all the details of the album, since it had even been released. presale from today.

According to the information published by Amazon, the album will be named Faith in the Futurewhich the singer has been tweeting over the last few days on several occasions.

In addition, depending on the platform, it will have 14 songs and the album will officially go on sale on November 11, 2022. The cost for the vinyl, which is the one that Amazon put on pre-sale, is 29.98 dollars, or 599 pesos.

After the leak of his alleged second study material, Louis Tomlinson would have published a tweet, which he later deleted, where he wrote: “I am absolutely shattered”.

This is not the first time that part of the singer’s material has been leaked, since last April 2021, the song called “Help” came out before Louis Tomlinson officially released it.

In this way, he also wrote a tweet in which he was disappointed: “I spend a lot of time creating the right songs and the right sound. The fact that this has filtered out it’s bullshit”.

For this reason, different followers of the singer reacted negatively before the filtration of the platform and they were very upset with Amazon and some of them even blocked the page’s social networks.

In addition, they asked other fans to stop spreading information about the new album as a show of support for Louis Tomlinson, since Amazon also leaked the name of all the songs.

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For its part, Amazon has not commented on the matter; meanwhile, the followers continue to show their support for the singer with hashtags like “We Love You Louis.”

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