9 Moments Of Famous Artists On Mexican Television That “Keep Them Humble”

9 Moments Of Famous Artists On Mexican Television That “Keep Them Humble”
9 Moments Of Famous Artists On Mexican Television That “Keep Them Humble”

They say out there that you should never forget where you come fromno matter who you are, it is always good to remember everything you had to do to get to where you are. That applies both to us mere mortals and to international artists.that although they do not believe it, they had to do things they probably aren’t proud of to promote their music and reach more people.

And it is that for a long time, in the internet of things a trend began that surely you have already seenthe one where many are remembering the embarrassing moments that despite everything, they “keep them humble” before life. Of course, the cases that drew attention were those in which users of social networks took from the trunk of memories the participation of famous singers in Mexican television showsWell, they are real gems and here we will remember some of the most random appearances.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor singing and dancing her biggest hit on ‘Today’

We start this list with a moment that many may not remember. In the now distant year of 2002, Sophie Ellis-Bextor was on the radio with the most popular and commercially successful song of her entire career: “Murder On the Dancefloor”. Of course I had to come to Mexico to give flight to this song and the people who were in charge of managing it decided that the best idea was to take her to Today…yes, no joke.

Sophie appeared on the popular Televisa morning show and played her great song (or something like that, because it was obvious that he was lip-syncing, hehe). However, the most random of all was that while she sang, the hosts of the show, such as Juan José Ulloa and even Maite Perroni, brought out the forbidden to the rhythm of this roll. Without a doubt, one of the strangest moments of our television.

Morrissey and his curious appearance in ‘Sale el Sol’

It is becoming customary for us to see alternative artists in the sun rises, since in recent years several consolidated bands and emerging projects such as The Kooks, Aurora and CHAI! (we will see another case later). However, we were all left with our mouths open in 2018, when they announced with great fanfare that they would have a very special musical guest for the chaviza indie, neither more nor less than Morrissey.

Of course no one could believe it, but we all ended up with a square eye when ‘Divo from Manchester’ himself appeared on Imagen’s morning show to play a couple of songs. And wow, Mozz demonstrated his humility, because despite the fact that he is a legend and fills almost all of his shows (if he does not cancel them), he took the time to play on Mexican open television.

Christina Aguilera as godmother of ‘The Academy’

Although they do not believe it, Christina Aguilera also had her “humble moment” on mexa television. In the early 2000s, the American singer of Ecuadorian origin was one of the most important artists of the moment, especially because she managed to connect with the Latino and Gabacho public. That is why the producers of TV Azteca (or so we think) came up with the idea that it would be a good idea. bring her to have a participation in one of the most watched programs at that time, The academy.

Christina not only threw some songs for the public, she also shot an interview half bizarre with Alan Tacher where communication just never flowed between the two. But since they had it there, They took the opportunity to commit her to become godmother of the second generation of the singing contest… just as they read it. Evidently he did not keep up with his godchildren and most likely does not even remember them, but he will remain for posterity this curious moment.

Shakira throwing herself the choreography of “Congratulations”

Once again, we have another random moment of Today. Everybody knows Shakira for being one of the most successful Latin artists internationally (and recently because of the little gossip that his divorce with Gerard Piqué left us). However, many years before she dedicated songs to his ex and just when his career was taking off, she visited Mexico and appeared on the morning show hosted by the renowned economist, Andrea Legarreta.

What really caught our attention was that they put the Colombian singer to dance a role that became famous in this space and remained engraved (for bad) in our minds. Of course we talk about the song “Felicidades”, and it is evident that Shakira not only did not know the choreography, she was also somewhat uncomfortable with Legarreta and Martha Carrillo. No way, it starts with something, don’t you think?

J Balvin had the honor of appearing on the Chabelo program

We are sure that many who read this note grew up watching the In Family with Chabelo, because for so many years on the air it marked the childhood of the vast majority of Mexican children. However, chances are that between Apache trikes and Troncoso furniture, They never imagined that this great television character would have J Balvin himself as a musical guest.

It’s no joke, ‘every child’s friend’ can afford to say that had the participation of one of the most important and recognized Latin artists of recent times singing in his show when he was not yet world famous. Although yes, Chabelo was not the only mexa program in which Balvin appeared, because there he sang in Saturday (below we also leave this moment). So we hope that after everything he has achieved, he will not forget when he took his first steps on television in our country.

Alex Kapranos also appeared in ‘Sale el Sol’ and they even interviewed him

It’s time to go back to the sun rises, Because as we have already mentioned before, suddenly they bring out completely unexpected guests from international music. We already talked about Morrissey, but recently it was Franz Ferdinand’s turn to visit this space from Mexican television, one of the British bands we love the most and we don’t know how they ended up on the Imagen show.

The good Alex Kapranos represented the group on the show, where they played an acoustic version of a true classic, “Jaqueline” and entered an interview with Joanna Vega-Biestro where they asked him a little about everything. And although the frontman of this great group did not seem so uncomfortable -as in other cases-, it is most likely that nobody imagined that he would appear in a space like this in Mexico. mex

Britney Spears dancing with Adal Ramones in ‘Otro Rollo’

From the most recent case of “humility” of artists on Mexican television, you have to travel back in time to remember one of the most impressive guests he had Another roll. It is no secret to anyone that this program almost always had the participation of some of the biggest singers and celebrities (both national and international) of the moment, but we are sure that not even Adal Ramones himself imagined that after his monologue he would talk with Britney Spears.

The ‘princess of pop’ gave herself a fun interview, started fishing like any of us at the fair and even gave Adal several tips so he could dance sexy (who, by the way, dressed up as her in the video for “…Baby, One More Time”). This moment is on the border between the epic and the strange, but there is no doubt that Britney raffled like the big ones in one of the most watched shows in our country.

Gorillaz talking about ‘Demon Days’ in ‘Rebelde’

Ok, we already mentioned many mainstream stars, it’s time to remember when the biggest and most successful animated band of all time had a very rare crossover in the most watched Mexican teen soap opera of the 2000s. Of course we are talking about the singular participation of Gorillaz in Rebelde, a moment that when we saw it in 2005, we could not believe that something like this was possible.

Above all because 2-D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel “chatted” with the characters of Christopher Uckerman and Christian Chávez. However, this was not the only time that the virtual group appeared in this show, since Luis Miguel himself (Diego Boneta, then) premiered the video for “DARE” on television in our country. We don’t know whose idea this strange collaboration was, but we are sure that nothing like this happened anywhere else in the world.

Alizée singing along with a participant from ‘The Academy’

Last but not least, we close with the appearance of one of the most remembered French artists on this side of the pond. In the middle of the last decade, Alizee She became known worldwide for her catchy songs and for the concept she projected (you know, as a half-good and half-bad young woman). However, a few years after he spent the hype on her with her and in order not to lose relevance (we assume), He agreed to appear on Mexico’s favorite singing show: The academy.

The singer threw down one of her hits, “J’en Ai Marre” along with one of the show’s contestants (who obviously didn’t sing that cool), a duet that really looked more forced than anything and that of course They did not show chemistry between the twos. After her participation in La Academia and after making records for a while, Alizée disappeared from the music industry… could it be that this moment had something to do with it?

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