Filter intimate video of Babo from Cartel de Santa uploaded to OnlyFans – El Sol de Puebla

Filter intimate video of Babo from Cartel de Santa uploaded to OnlyFans – El Sol de Puebla
Filter intimate video of Babo from Cartel de Santa uploaded to OnlyFans – El Sol de Puebla

“They all die for me!”. in the last hours babo, lead singer of Cartel de Santaturned internet trendsince after he launched a intimate video on his OnlyFans accountsame in which shows his virile member, the hot material ended up leaking on social media and the memes did not wait, even the rapper also launched a reaction about it.

It was this Tuesday, January 17, when Eduardo Davalos De Luna -as is his real name- he began to talk about, after a part of the video clip of his success “Think of me” will sneak inbut in one more explicit version.

And it is that, in previous days, the 45-year-old Mexican had announced that your song would be presented in two options: both one for Youtube and another for the platform onlyfanswhich is why, after the premiere, leaked on Twitter.

Babo’s intimate video causes a stir

In the much-mentioned intimate video, the member of Cartel de Santa shows hot scenes. Initially, the content had been published on his onlyfans channel where his followers could acquire it for 50 dollarshowever, it was later leaked and in Twitter It has been shown uncensored.

As expected, after the explicit content that was released on the social network, it quickly netizens started making jokes about itwith funny messages that alluded to the size of Babo’s member.

After watching Babo’s video, Ah half a meter!”, “How do I unsee the v… of Babo?” Y “Don’t stain, I’m going in and I see that @babo has something stuck in his throat, help!”, were some of the comments.

Babo reacted to the leak of his intimate video

After her leaked video caused a stir on social media, Babo did not remain silent and from his Instagram account he reacted to some memes that were made of himposting some through their stories.

In fact, in the first image, he placed a scene from SpongeBob where Gherkin appears with some weltsthe same on which the rapper placed some laughing faces and in the same way he uploaded other memes, which made reference to the size of your genitalshence he took the situation gracefully.

It is important to mention that, in 2021, the singer reported that a body modification in its intimate part called “pearling”which consists of making small incisions on the surface of the shaft of the penis, to insert small pearls under the skin.

The above, because many comments and memes they made reference to that Babo “suffered from papilloma”for the images that were shown of his member with edges that alluded to a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

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