Fans get naked during the Jowell and Randy concert

Last weekend (November 26 and 27) another edition of the festival took place Coca Cola Flow Fest which, in recent years, has positioned itself as the biggest reggaeton and urban music party in Mexico.

The event, which was held at the Autodromo Hermanos RodríguezIt went smoothly, however; through social networks a moment on the set of Jowell & Randy that has generated severe criticism both against the reggaeton players and the festival itself.

Various videos on social networks show the exact moment in which the Puerto Rican duo, made up of Joel Munoz Y Randy Ortiz; He takes a group of fans on stage so that they take off their clothes and dance in front of the thousands of spectators who were there.

“Come here, bring the chich* here (…) “Look, there are the chich*s. How big! Because tonight they’re not chic*s, they’re chichot*s, so what’s on today is ‘Chich*s pa’ the band– said the duo euphoric.

Jowell & Randy via social networks.

Of the group of women who took the stage, some voluntarily agreed to strip their torsos and dance; while others chose to stay in a bra (despite the insistence of the public and the singers themselves) as can be seen in other videos.

The show, of course, has caused all kinds of reactions as it Randy he even physically interacted with one of the women, placing his face between her breasts to kiss them. 2FCriticize-Jowell–Randy-for-kissing-the-breasts-of-his-fans-in-the-heat-of-concert-20221128-0013.html

In social networks the discussion about what happened on the set of Jowell & Randy keep going. Some users say that no one forced women to get naked and that they even did it willingly; while others argue an abuse of power by the reggaeton players by coercing them, through their reach and the place where they were, to take off their clothes.

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