Jowell & Randy ask women for toples, video

Jowell & Randy ask women for toples, video
Jowell & Randy ask women for toples, video

The urban music festival Flow Fest took place over the weekend at Curva 4 of the Hermanos Rodríguez racetrack in Mexico City. During the presentation of the Puerto Rican duet Jowel & Randy there was a situation that has caused great controversy.

Flow Fest / Photo: Cuartoscuro

The performers brought several girls up on stage to dance, two of them did toples driven by the urban genre singers. Come here, bring the chi ** here “, the Puerto Ricans said, an action that has caused outrageon social networks, because although no one forced them to do it, they had the initiative.

But it wasn’t just that, since the women were also touched, and Randy put her face in the middle of the bust from one of the girls, which generated angry shouts and some excitement.

Jowell & Randy ask Flow fest girls to take off their bra Two women who took the stage at Jowel & Randy’s call removed their bras during the performance. The facts unleashed fury in networks. (Youtube)

Jowell & Randy’s behavior causes outrage

The moment has gone viral on social networks, where it has caused great outrage. In fact, the feminist collective called The Witches of the Mar Jowell and Randy were accused of symbolic violence against women.

“At the Flow Fest, Jowell and Randy were asked to see the “richest tits in Mexico”, and then they brought 8 women up so they could get naked and rub each other on stage. Do they have any idea that this is symbolic violence against women in a femicide country? they started.

In their message they also highlighted that the musical genre should not be defended, “and before they start saying that ‘this is how reggaeton is’ violent against women”, it’s not reggaeton, it’s men. The men who reproduce what they understand that women are or should be and even their desire to harm us through their lyrics in any genre.

The sea ​​witches, They also emphasized that women who took the stage should not be blamed on the grounds that it was their decision.

“It is not a good argument either ‘nobody forced them’ or ‘they did it because they wanted to’, to understand an abuse, it is enough to see the imbalance of power: famous artists, a giant stage, young admirers, an encouraging crowd, a search for approval, etc.”

Other women also showed their outrage on social media.

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