David Guetta denied kissing Kunno

David Guetta denied kissing Kunno
David Guetta denied kissing Kunno

Written in SHOW the 11/6/2022 4:54 p.m.

Madrid.- This weekend Los40 Music Awards were held in Spain, where Kunno had the opportunity to present the “Best International Dance Artist or Producer of the year” award.an award that went to the French DJ, David Guetta.

However, what stood out from this interaction was not the award ceremony, but the fact that the producer also “denied” the tiktoker a kiss when he greeted him.

Through TikTok, a video was shared in which it is observed how Guetta gets up to collect his prize and, when it is his turn to greet the presenters, the Frenchman refuses to hit his cheek with both people, including Kunno.

Although this fact is very subtle and could only be a habit of the producer, it did not go unnoticed by the fans, who commented on the video pointing out this fact, “Hahaha David ignored Kunno’s kiss”, “The awkward moment of kissing was seen to Kunno”, “All seeing how he denies the kiss to Kunno”, are some of the comments.

Among other facts, what was most surprising was that David Guetta thanked the Producer of the Year award in Spanishpointing out that dance music is his life and that people always need to dance.

Guillermo Kunno, the tiktoker from the municipality of Monterrey, has gained popularity through social networks, even becoming part of the video clip of Karol G’s success, “Bichota” and part of the world of Fortnite with one of the dances that made famous on TikTok.

He currently has more than 27.6 million followers on the short video platform, in addition to 2.7 billion likes; where she has shared a little of what his trip to Spain was like, to be part of the Los40 awards, where artists from all over the world attended.

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