Taehyung is caught at a private party with BLACKPINK’s Jennie (VIDEO)

Taehyung is caught at a private party with BLACKPINK’s Jennie (VIDEO)
Taehyung is caught at a private party with BLACKPINK’s Jennie (VIDEO)

According to certain rumors that were generated on social networks, about his alleged affair with these two artists of the k pop, that has left a lot of curiosity in the fans to know the truth, especially in their list of photographs that appear together enjoying small moments of company during the days of their vacations, involved in a lot of controversy, this time as a surprise, taehyung captured at a private party that the K-Pop girl band offered as the reason for their album release “PINK VENOM”.

Given out last September 16 in the prestigious place of Korea from the south, which is part of a private event of BLACKPINK, offering a show to premiere his single “Shut Down”, where the member of bts at his private party, since they circulated through social networks, the right moment with Jenny of BLACKPINK, described by many fans as his alleged girlfriend for a few months.

The photos and videos that circulated through the networks were shared by a Korean idol, who appeared together with the K-Pop stars, where the singers can be directly observed jumping and dancing together on stage, with a very dark environment and illuminated with various colored lights, who many assure that it is an edition and others that their love has no limits.

Revealing according to the exclusive report of JTBC, that this event was official and real for the singers in their celebration, since they invited all kinds of singers, actors and K-pop celebrities in the celebration of their new album, who assure that the star guest was V from BTS , which would confirm the company of the singer with his partner.

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