Molotov complains about reggaeton in his new song “Remove the trap”

2022 may not have been a perfect year, but if we can agree on something, it is that throughout these months, we have not lacked good music. Many bands and artists that beat us are raffling off releasing songs that blew our minds, but some also took the opportunity to come back after a good while without releasing something new, like Molotov.

It was in April when Micky Huidobro, Paco Ayala, Tito Fuentes and Randy Ebright returned to throw hard at the presidents with his song “We do not forget” (over here you can listen to it in its entirety). However, since then they were a bit quiet, but now we have them back and speaking without mincing words about what many think of the urban genre, one of the most popular today.

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Molotov is back to throw reggaeton with the song “Remove the trap”

Some weeks ago, Molotov announced with great fanfare that very soon they would release a new song called “Remove the trap”. But now and after much waiting, this September 22 they finally released this song and hang on, because they went hard and to the jugular to all reggaeton artists. Sure, you know, with a fun lyric where once again they show us their expertise in making acid criticism.

To give you an idea, on this song –which sounds strongly influenced by western music but without moving away from rock–, the band raps and makes fun of all the things that surround urban singers, like jewelry, luxurious cars and showing off all their money just because, in addition to making it very clear that the least they offer is quality music, since they are more focused on how they look than what they want to contribute to their fans. And you know what the most ironic part of all this is? that in the choir they use the famous auto-tune, one of the most used tools within this genre.

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In addition to the single, they also released the official video clip, which was directed by Chava Espinosa, who has been at the forefront of movies and series like I order you there, Guadalupe-Reyes Y Ravens Club. In the video we see the band facing other musical genres in an intense and fun bowling tournament.which serves as a tribute to The Big Lebowski. Although be careful, at the end there is a plot twist that will undoubtedly leave you with a square eye.

But it was good to talk, stop what you are doing, run for your headphones and turn up the volume to Listen below to “Quiten el trap”, the new Molotv song:

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