The countdown begins for ZAPAL 2022 in Saltillo! the ‘most Mexican festival’ returns

The countdown begins for ZAPAL 2022 in Saltillo! the ‘most Mexican festival’ returns
The countdown begins for ZAPAL 2022 in Saltillo! the ‘most Mexican festival’ returns

During a virtual press conference in which national media participated, the organizers and local authorities made the invitation to welcome with open arms visitors and fans of the groups that will perform on the stage of the Zapal 2022 festival.

the poster is led by artists of the stature of ‘Cartel de Santa’, Lalo Mora, Kevin Karl, C.amilo Seventh, Bruses and Little Jesus.


According to the organizers this festival stands out for its impregnation of culture you have in your activities and music for everyone. 6,000 people are expected to attend.


Poncho Domenec one of the organizers and creators of the event highlighted and described the complete experience of attending Zapal.


“Zapal is a festival that has been growing year after year We are going for the fifth year and if it were not for the pandemic we would go for the seventh year, it was born with the idea of ​​doing different things if it is not a festival we consider it more like a ritual a celebration, we are always saying come and celebrate what we are” , expressed before dozens of journalists.

He assured that culture and art are basic of the music event.

“We invited people of native origin from different tribes from all over Latin America, people from Guatemala have accompanied us, Belize, all of Mexico, the United States, people like kakapus, Mayans, and we had a lot of fun,” he shared.


He stressed that At a national level, what the festival offers gave it the opportunity to be named ‘The Most Mexican Festival’ in 2018.

“There is an area where we build temascales, but really with real volcanic stones. the ritual is done as it should be done, we rely more on the culture”, insisted Domenec.

“That is why Zapal was named the “Most Mexican Festival” in 2018 by the national press and it was a topic that made us very proud because it hit us “proudly boasted the organizer.



In the virtual meeting was the artist Brussels, who will adorn the event with his music and presence.

The singer recently nominated for the Latin Grammy She said she was excited not only to be on stage but to live the Zapal experience.


“How nice! that it be a festival that supports Mexican talent so much and that it be a festival with enchiladas, I am very honest and it is that a festival for me is one that you do not forget because of the experience you live, it seems to me Well father, you pay more and more attention to those details”, explained the young composer.

It’s like a chaotic explosion of art expressionit’s like a cult, it’s something very beautiful”, said the artist excitedly.



Among the guests was Andrés Velasco, executive director Raúl Rodarte who celebrated the realization once again of the Zapal Festival.

“This city has 445 years of history, it has roots and a culture that is very good.We have more than 3,600 rooms in 49 hotels of all categories,” said Velasco.

He stressed that from the location of the Hacienda El Mimbre, will be magical for the attendees.


“Hacienda el Mimbre is a beautiful place, you will see gardens with a spectacular view of the Sierra de Zapalinamé. Give yourself the space to know the route ‘Wines & Dinos’, come from Thursday to enjoy and live this whole saltillo experience”.

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The party will be on October 22 and there is still an opportunity to acquire tickets from the page where prices range from $1,160 to $1,510.


The article is in Spanish

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