What happened to Melody, the girl who swept The Gorilla Dance?

What happened to Melody, the girl who swept The Gorilla Dance?
What happened to Melody, the girl who swept The Gorilla Dance?

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“Everyone playing claps” is heard in the club as everyone claps their palms to the rhythm of the music. From this coordinated image, we move on to the jungle where everyone dances like primates. Only The Gorilla Dance (and beer) are able to make both images possible in less than 4 minutes and if you want to know what happened to Melody, the girl who swept this song, we’ll tell you.

Melody was the artist who published this song on her album, De Pata Negra from 2001. Although decades have passed, it is still possible to find it in clubs where people know the song is complete. It is extremely catchy and became a hit, but its name lost strength in our territory.

The song on YouTube has more than 177 million views since it was uploaded in September 2017. In addition, it has more than 680 thousand likes, although no one has been able to write anything about it, since comments are disabled. Now Melody is no longer a girl and we will tell you what has become of her

What happened to Melody, the girl from The Gorilla Dance?

Melody is already 30 years old and although she established herself in Mexico with that song, her career continued in Spain where she has had great success. In interview with Tikitakas He declared that in said European nation, he has managed to record 6 studio albums, although he was inclined to release only singles, since the albums stopped being made.

In the same way, he elaborated on what he has been working on television as a jury; He also has some series in movies, but the important thing is that he has not lost his job.

About The Gorilla Dance, commented that she was very happy to see the success of that song because she comes from a family full of artists and if she could go back she would love to relive the moment because it was a wonderful experience for her. She even commented that she had plans to come to Mexico, but the Covid-19 pandemic ruined everything.

This is how life has treated Melodía, the girl who swept El Baile del Gorilla. Without a doubt, although she does not sound much in Mexico, her role in music has remained valid and perhaps in the future we will see her again here.

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