fan harasses the singer on stage

Fan bothered Alejandra Guzmán during the concert. Photo: Getty Images

Alejandra Guzman She experienced an uncomfortable moment during one of her concerts, a fan circumvented the security of the place and approached the singer to hug her, but not satisfied with that, she took advantage of the situation and the closeness she had and grabbed her breastaction that bothered the daughter of Silva Pinal; although the woman also tried to kiss her, she was unsuccessful.

In the video circulating on social networks, you can see the moment when Alejandra Guzman is interpreting his theme “Devil”accompanied by a tambourine that she had in her hand, when the fan jumps from the stands to the stage to approach the singer and touch her improperly, leaving the security body and the star herself stunned.

Realizing the incident, the security team intervenes and separates the young woman from the singer; however, the situation bothered “the Guzman“, who stopped singing to go in the direction where the young woman was taken, to look for her, and when he found her in the audience, he threw the tambourine he had in his hand at her and began to claim her.

This situation generated divided opinions, since while some attacked the woman for disrespecting the “queen of hearts”, others regretted that the singer threw the musical instrument at her after her team had already done what was necessary to get her away from her .

“One goes to a concert to see the artist’s work, that does not give the fan any right to carry out such disrespect.” “Of course you can see all the bad intentions of the girl, he raises his hand and tries to kiss her.” “No one has the right to grope us, whether or not they are an artist, she is within her right to defend herself, and I support that!”. “You can see that he gave him his good tambourine, well deserved.” “Yes, it was intentional and his reaction is justified, but it makes me laugh how he throws the tambourine at him.” “A true fan respects and admires”, were some comments left by the viral video in TikTok.

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