BTS accused of “corruption” for free concert in South Korea

The ARMY of bts are somewhat worried, as they fear that the image and reputation of the popular South Korean group of kpop is stained by the free event that will take place in the month of October in the city of Busan, South Korea.

The members of bangtan will offer a free concert to promote the candidacy of the city of Busan to host the World Expo 2030 and win the right to host this important global event.

The South Korean septet was invited by the mayor of that city to promote the candidacy and thus attract the necessary voters to win the seat. However, the organization of the event is in the midst of controversy, since numerous rumors and controversies have been revealed around the organization of the free concert that it will offer bts in said city.

It is well known that when an event is carried out without planning, things can go extremely wrong. And the ARMY right now knows that the image of bts can be tainted by corruption, why?

Well, it turns out that the Korean media revealed this Wednesday that the government of that country would have sent emails in the name of HYBE, the company in charge of BTS, to large national companies to sponsor the concert, without the agency being aware of it.

The group’s fans did not hesitate to express their discontent on social networks and believe that the government’s actions could be misunderstood, since HYBE and BTS could have already paid for the concert and the sponsorship money could be stolen and destined for other businessmen who were not linked to the event.

The reports also revealed that several companies agreed to pay for and sponsor the event on their own, but the ARMY believes that the actions of bangtan as official ambassadors of the candidacy they were overshadowed by the actions of the organizing committee.

This situation has fans of the game very worried. cluster, and the reasons are more than obvious, so they will be aware of any inconvenience linked to the organization of this event.

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