BLACKPINK’s Lisa was belittled by TWICE member (VIDEO)

South Korean singer and girl group member TWICE Kim Dahyun was massively criticized on social networks, as they say that I underestimate the Thai artist Lisa, girl group member BLACKPINK, during a live broadcast he was doing with his South Korean fans.

The BLINK, official fandom of BLACKPINK, is extremely upset with one of the members of the group TWICE, since according to them and other netizens, he would have underestimated Lisa, one of the members of the girl group of kpop most important and popular worldwide.

In the images circulating on social networks, you can see Kim Dhyun putting on makeup in a live for her fans on the social network Bubble, a platform where the various idols of the kpop are dedicated to making live broadcasts to interact with their followers of South Korea.

However, things in the most recent live of kim have gone wrong, because when you hear a part of ‘LALISA’, artist song thai and BLACKPINK member, Dahyun takes her down immediately. Why did she do it?

As she answered after seeing the large amount of criticism she received for removing the song, Kim Dhyun He stated that he removed it because in reality it is a commercial for Youtube, since she does not have a premium account on said video platform.

Even so, the criticism still does not stop, and many fans of Lisa they even begin to insinuate that it could be treated for envy. However, this cannot be verified, and it is better not to increase the controversy, since these events could only generate more unnecessary discussions between both fandoms.

And you, why do you think Kim Dhyun removed the song ‘LISA’ from your computer?

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