What happened to Dua Lipa in the tremor in CDMX?

What happened to Dua Lipa in the tremor in CDMX?
What happened to Dua Lipa in the tremor in CDMX?

After a successful concert, the interpreter of “Levitation” celebrated after her success of “Future Nostalgia” in Mexico City. In a nightclub located in the Zona Rosa, LooLoo Studio. She there she was seen with the Spanish actor aron piper in a DJ show. That exclusive “Chachá” party offered its tickets for the night of September 21, in which these two European celebrities met.

During the party at the bar, everything changed when the earthquake in 6.9 degrees in the early hours of this Thursday, September 2216 minutes after one in the morning, with an epicenter in Coalcomán, Michoacán, the same place from which it was presented on the afternoon of September 19 last.

The singer’s face looks worried as the seismic alert sounds and the bar lights are turned on and the music stops. Although the attendees preferred to make a video of her reaction even when the risk was latent. Social media decisions.

How is the bar where Dua Lipa was?

LooLoo Studio (Londres 195) has two environments, in the main one a different line up is played every week enlivened by different DJ’s the best on the scene and some come from Ibiza. In the second environment it is focused on lovers of pop and the urban genre. It is considered one of the most exclusive bars in CDMX.

The menu of the place is based on the José Cuervo brand. The singer and her companions requested a catering with rum, vodka and mezcalwith the respective complements of orange, salt and soft drink, according to sources consulted by this means.

To access it is recommended to make a reservation, since the tables are numbered and you will have to choose it, for the girls there is no cover except for special events, the cost of access for them is 300 pesos with prior reservation and this can be variable depending on the event.

Surely after the visit of the British bar will be even more helpful.

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