Santa Fe Klan arrested “smoking a rooster” while walking in the streets of Guanajuato

Santa Fe Klan arrested “smoking a rooster” while walking in the streets of Guanajuato
Santa Fe Klan arrested “smoking a rooster” while walking in the streets of Guanajuato

The rapper Ángel Quezada, known as the Santa Fe Klan, was detained by police while on the street and the detention was recorded on video.

The rapper, who was recently involved in a controversy for kicking a fan who threw a bottle at him, announced that he was stopped by the policeman when he was in his neighborhood in Guanajuato, near his neighborhood and the incident happened around 10 at night.

Apparently the singer was recording a story for his Instagram walking down the street while promoting his upcoming concert when the police stopped him.

“We walk here through the neighborhood smoking a rooster,” said the musician as he started his broadcast on Instagram and lit a cigarette.

The musician wanted to promote his next concert in Mexico City on their social networks, but their plans were frustrated.

“There so that they fall on November 12, we are going to play at the CDMX Arena, buy your tickets”, he indicated.

Santa Fe Klan started to run but they caught up with him

From one moment to another patrol appeared behind him and sounded his siren; The musician turned and started to run, but the police caught up with him and asked him to open his backpack, to which he refused and replied: “I only have a rooster, boss.”

“All good boss, I just bring a rooster, no, no, my backpack can’t be checked, I’m having a rooster, all good. No, boss, she can’t check me.”

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During the arrest, the rapper did not stop recording, for which some of his followers pointed out that the singer was allegedly subdued by the police and even a person, who seemed to be his companion, asked to be left alone:

Let it go carnal, let it go, it’s over, it’s over, “said his companion.

Finally, the artist exclaimed that everything was fine and asked for his phone to be returned. cell phone.

“Everything is fine, I am in the studio recording, everything is fine, I am just recording a video, everything is fine boss, it is a promotionI was just recording a video, give me the cell phone, boss”, he is heard saying.

In recent months, the popularity of the 22-year-old musician has grown to the point of becoming one of the benchmarks of the genre rap nowadays.

Even one of his songs appears in the new tape of Marvel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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