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There is one particular scene in ‘Predator: Prey’ where a character has an all too familiar face. In some forums, the fandom has begun to shred the possibility that it is a Ryan Reynolds cameo, but is this true?

Predator: The Prey has brought with it some surprises like the story of Coco, the dog that was hired for the movie StarPlus; the professional basketball player behind the fearsome villain and… a cameo from Ryan Reynolds that no one noticed? We are going to review the scene that has caused such a stir among the fans of the Canadian actor behind dead pool.

A few seconds after passing the time barrier in the film directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the Predator is given the task of creating a carnage with the French hunters. At that moment Naru (Amber Midthunder) and Taabe (Dakota Beavers) were tied to a tree, but from one moment to another, the alien antagonist is about to dismember a man… and we see a close up while that man says “shit” in a hopeless way.


Is this really Ryan Reynolds in ‘Predator: Prey’?

And it is precisely this character that is causing this stir and we are not going to deny it: with a simple glance it could seem that the protagonist of Free Guy: Taking Control and The Adam Project had one of its characteristic cameos, as it did recently in Bullet train. There are even various Reddit forum posts where the fandom is confused with the actor who appeared in the film StarPlus.

This is what Troy Mundle looks like, a Canadian actor who bears a strong resemblance to Ryan Reynolds.

While we would have loved to have had Ryan Reynolds in this prequel to Predatora film popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s, the reality is that he is not a Hollywood superstar, in reality he is Troy Mundle, who you can also see on Supernatural, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Y peacemaker. In this new film he is credited as a spy in the official cast list and yes, this character is just what he does: he keeps an eye on the two protagonists shortly before he is killed..

However, we must mention that Mundle is also Canadian and, interestingly, he does bear a strong resemblance to Ryan Reynolds.which is why a beard and hat in Predator: The Prey, will end up creating a lot of confusion among the fans. Anow you know: the protagonist of Dead Pool 2never appeared in this new movie StarPlus.

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