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Mexicans have positioned themselves in Hollywood. PHOTO: Darkroom | AFP | Archive

The talent Mexican is one of the most aided in the US film industry, Currently, thanks to the effort and work of different talents in the industry, Hollywood is increasingly asking for the participation of its nationals in the films, that is why we tell you about some of the Mexicans who are currently succeeding in the neighboring country to the north and the world, how its presence has grown exponentially.

Here we will leave you some of the most recent and famous:

Diego Calva, a rising star


the mexican actor Diego Calva Hernandez 29 years old, he began to be sought by American productions after his participation in the film “Babylon”, written and directed by Damien Chazelle.

The talent displayed in a blockbuster with stars such as Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Tobey Maguire and Li Jun Li, has stressed that Diego Calva is ready for more important roles in the mecca of cinema.

Calva expressed the pleasure of working with greats in the industry and being able to learn from their great experience.

He was very surprised with the Robbie’s jobWell, in the film he plays a character who takes many risks: “Not everyone would have accepted that role.”

Although he had already been known to participate in the series “Narcos: Mexico” or the movie “I promise you anarchy” The reality is that he is a young actor who is expected to have a great future ahead of him in international films.

Mabel Cadena, a complete actress

PHOTO: AFP | Archive

The film, theater and television actress is in no hurry to play a good role that is put in front of himWell, in his own words, he said that he had to face strong challenges to appear in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”What learn maya and english at the same time so that will listen fluentlyas well as a intensive physical work.

mabel chain has a long history of work in the media, with films recorded since 2016, some more memorable than others, such as his participation in “The dance of 41” which earned him one Ariel Award nomination for Best Actress.

What to say about his participation in television series such as the famous “Cappadocia”, where she played Adela Rosa Chávez. The work of him in “Camelia la Texana”, “The Lord of the Skies”, “Once Upon a Time” or “Monarchs”.

The Latino community and especially Mexicans hope to see more of the talent of this Mexican in Hollywood who has demonstrated her histrionic skills.

Tenoch Huerta, exponent of Mexa power

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The intrusion has been the reason for changing the roles of different characters on television and in the movies, such as changes in the race or gender of different characters, for many it was a pleasure to see that they placed Tehoch Orchard What Namor in the cinemawhich was originally in the comic of Asian origin.

The success of the character could only be described by people, with Tenoch’s acceptance and how it developed “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”a film that was of great weight, since its predecessor film had been nominated for an Oscar and is considered one of the best in the entire series of films by Marvel, all this without mentioning that this film would have a solemn part as a tribute to the deceased Chadwick Boseman.

Tenoch is not only an actor who conquered in the cinema and who has conquered television with series like “Cappadocia”, “Demonio Axul” and “Nacos: Mexico”, has also served inspiration for different compatriots, Mexicans, who are looking for their dreams in the United States and in acting.

In interviews, he has spoken candidly to the cameras and has highlighted the difficulty of reaching American theaters, after tireless work that has led him to the film industry since 2006.

Yalitza Aparicio, the icon

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Yalitza Aparicio Martinez She is a teacher who has known how to perform in the world of acting and modeling, that from her participation in the film “Roma” by Alfonso Cuaróntook off in show business, receiving more proposals for film, modeling and television.

Although her intrusion into the cinema caused controversy for many because of her origins as a preschool teacher, she has shown that she has the material to perform in the show.

Her success has led her to be considered one of the 100 most influential women by the magazine time in 2019 and to participate in films such as “Presences”, the Serie “Killer women” and to be the face of various brands and magazines around the world.

Diego Boneta, constant work

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Diego Andres Gonzalez Boneta, 32 years old, is a Mexican actor who opened the doors of Hollywood through his own work, who first stood out in Mexico With appearances from a very young age, such as the program “Código FAMA”, the soap opera for children “Alegrijes y Rebujos” and even in the soap opera “Rebelde”.

He ventured into the world of music with records “Diego” and “Indigo”, for which he was nominated for awards.

Some of the work for which he is most recognized is for sharing credits with Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin in the musical “Rock of Ages”, in “Monster Hunter” or the series Mexican “Luis Miguel”.

Joaquin Cosiothe eternal “Cochiloco”

PHOTO: Darkroom

Joaquin Cosio Osunais an actor with a career in theater and television, with a long list of Mexican films in which he has participated, but he has also stood out for his participation in American films.

Although his character as Rubén “El Mascarita” in “Matando Cabos” remained in the memory of the cinema of the beginning of the century, his participation in “Infierno” or “Pastorela” has remained in the memory of the people.

As a voice actor, he is not forgotten in “Ted” monopolizing the star, his participation in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and “Klaus”, although he also has participation in American films such as “Hot Pursuit”, “Rambo: Last Blood” and more recently in “The Suicide Squad”.

He has had so much work in the world of entertainment that some Internet users have commented that it reminds them of the raids of Pedro Armendáriz Jr. in the United States.

Diego Luna and his placement in Star Wars

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Diego Luna is another actor who has worked in the cinema since he was very young.It is considered that he made his debut in the short film “El último fin de año”, at 8 years of age.

He knew how to position himself with television series and now, streamingFor many, the best way they remember him is in “Grandfather and I”, “El Premio Mayor” and in “Narcos: Mexico”.

But this Mexican promoter of cinema and culture, He has participated in theater, has hosted, has narrated, is a producer, director and has promoted festivals, which has positioned him in the taste of the people.

A large number of Mexicans were happy to see him in the movie “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” due to the fame of the fantastic story that has a long legacy, but also because of his great performance, which got him to have his own series of this universe called “Andor”, with the star of Cassian Andor.

We know there are more cases of successful Mexicans in Hollywood, like the actress Salma Hayek, Eugenio DerbezThe directors Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro González Iñarritu, Alfonso Cuarón and the photographic direction of Emmanuel “El Chivo” Lubezki.

Not counting the talents of Mexican descent and from other eras who were paving the way for new talent to arrive in the northern country, but those are other stories that deserve to be told separately.

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