Osvaldo Benavides confirms the death of a second actor in film shooting

The message was placed on his social networks. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

Osvaldo Benavidez, producer and performer, lamented the death of two actors who participated in the filming of the movie “Wedding Night”. Through his Instagram account, he assured that the incident was a tragedy for everyone.

After the death of the actors, many people questioned why the shooting of the film continued, therefore, Osvaldo Benavidez He shared a few words with his followers.

“Yesterday was a very special day because their closest companions, their friends, who are also extras, decided to finish the film in honor of them, Luis and Marco, and beyond finishing the film we worked on for so long, so many years, what moves me is that they did it, they returned to this set because, in their words, it is what both Luis and Marco would have wanted.

At the beginning of the video, Osvaldo Benavidez explained that Luis and Marco, on their day off, went to a beach and had an accident, which ended their lives.

“As you know, there was a tragedy during the production of this film; some fellow extras on their day off went to a beach and had a tragic accident in which two died, Luis and Marco.

In another part of the video, the actor asked that families not be disturbed of the deceased extras because of a very painful process they are going through.

“For the people who are complaining about the lack of empathy because I am not doing or we are not saying the things that they think we should say, I would invite them to approach the relatives of the deceased colleagues, but better leave them alone, it is a very painful process and you have to respect it”.

  • In the movie “Wedding Night”, Osvaldo Benavidez shared set with Ludwika Paleta

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