Ana de Armas visited Marilyn Monroe’s grave to “ask permission” to play her

Ana de Armas visited Marilyn Monroe’s grave to “ask permission” to play her
Ana de Armas visited Marilyn Monroe’s grave to “ask permission” to play her

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Anne of Arms is causing a sensation, because it is about to be released “Blonde” the new movie Netflixbased on the life of Marilyn Monroe and recently revealed that he went to the blonde’s grave to ask permission to play her.

But it was not only Anne of Armsbut the entire cast of the film visited the grave of Marilyn Monroe.

When he received the news that he would play Marilyn Monroe, Ana de Armas and the entire team that would participate in the film “Blonde” decided to write a collaborative letter in which “they asked permission” to the world star to be able to interpret her and make the film in her honor, then they went to the cemetery and They left the note on his grave.

In an interview with AnOtherthe actress said that all those who would participate in the film felt a great responsibility and were aware that they would tell the story of Norma Jeane Mortenson -Marilyn Monroe’s real name- and who she really was.

Where is Marilyn Monroe’s grave?

The tomb where the remains of Marilyn Monroe lie is located in the Westwood Memorial Park Los Angelessite to which the entire cast of ‘Blonde’ moved.

Marilyn Monroe “manifested” in the recordings

The Cuban actress reported that during the recording of the film she had the feeling that the ghost of Marilyn Monroe was present on the set. During her stay at the Venice Film Festival, she said that “rI really think she was very close to us. she was with us“.

This declaration was joined by the director of “Blonde”, Andrew Dominicwho commented that Marilyn’s presence was true and even “things fell off the wall when you didn’t like something“.

When does “Blonde” premiere?

The film will arrive on the Netflix streaming platform next September 28, so from that date you can enjoy the film and the great performance of Ana de Armas in her leading role.

With these statements by Ana de Armas it is clear that the actress is a believer in superstitions. And you, do you think she was right to visit Marilyn Monroe’s grave to ask her permission to play her in the movie?

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