Pierce Brosnan hates No Time To Die

Pierce Brosnan hates No Time To Die
Pierce Brosnan hates No Time To Die

The legendary Pierce Brosnan did not like No time to die, the latest James Bond movie. And he has made it clear in statements.

The former actor james-bond, Pierce Brosnanhas finally given his opinion on the dismissal of Daniel Craig What 007. Apparently, she didn’t like him very much. no time to die (2021). The actor became the fifth star to characterize the character of Ian Fleming. His first appearance took place in goldeneye (nineteen ninety five). Shortly after, Daniel Craig took over from him and became the sixth actor to bring the Agent 007. This relay took place in 2006, with the premiere of Royal Casino.

Daniel Craig’s era as James Bond ended with his explosive final appearance in no time to die. Critics were mostly very positive about Daniel Craig being fired. It currently has an 85 percent acceptance score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, Pierce Brosnan does not seem to agree with the good reviews the film has received. He has made it known in statements to GQ magazine, where he has dropped a bit of ‘hate & rsquor; to the tape Cary Joji Fukunaga.

Daniel Craig approves, but the film… Fair!

“I saw the Skyfall movie and I also saw No Time to Die,” said Pierce Brosnan, before qualifying his answer. “I love Skyfall. I’m not quite sure what to think about the last movie though.. Daniel Craig always gives his whole heart to it. He is very brave, very strong. But…”

Pierce Brosnan did not elaborate on what he really thinks about no time to die. But his statements suggest that he is not exactly one of those who support the film. On the other hand, he has given a big thumbs up to sky fall (2012). A film that is generally considered one of the best releases in James Bond history and the best of the Daniel Craig era. And, of course, he was full of compliments with his co-worker, who has given everything in the five films as Agent 007.

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