We tell you where to watch the third season of Soy Tu Fan

We tell you where to watch the third season of Soy Tu Fan
We tell you where to watch the third season of Soy Tu Fan

Faaaan! After the premiere of I’m your fan, the movie, it was confirmed that there will be new episodes and apparently the release is near. we tell you where to watch the third season of Soy Tu Fan.

Places in CDMX where Soy Tu Fan was filmed

Third season of Soy Tu Fan: when it premieres and where to watch it

You already watched the movie? The reunion of our favorite couple was something we longed for 10 years and this 2022 we were finally able to discover what happened between Charly and Nico, but the feature film is not the end point of the story, on the contrary, it marks a new beginning.

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“We made the movie last year and now in a week we are done with the third season”. confirmed Mayan Zapata in interview for the walker.

Also Johanna Murillo shared a photo of the cast during the filming set. “Now we can tell you that IF THERE IS A NEW SEASON OF SoyTuFan … and it’s not for nothing but it turned out really cool”. He assured through his social networks.

This is how the premiere of Soy tu Fan was lived: characters that we will see and more

The third season of Soy Tu Fan will be available in streaming

It is anticipated that the third season of Soy tu Fan have your premiere in 2023– although there is still no exact date – and unlike the first two, it will not be seen on Canal Once, instead it will arrive at streaming through the service of Star+.

What will the third season be about?

There is no official synopsis yet, but from what the film suggests, after Rocío and Diego’s disastrous wedding, Charly and Nico finally have time to talk. It may be that in the following chapters we will see how they resume their relationship, although it is most likely that it will not be an easy thing.

The movie of I’m your fan It’s still on the billboard, so if you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you do it as soon as possible, since it works as a hook for the third season. And if you want to catch up with the full story, here’s where you can watch all the episodes of the first two seasons for free!

Soy Tu Fan: where to see all the episodes of the series

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