Marvel Asks Fans For Help With Avengers 5 Story

Marvel Asks Fans For Help With Avengers 5 Story
Marvel Asks Fans For Help With Avengers 5 Story

The development of Avengers 5 is in its first phase. And surprisingly, Marvel Studios is asking their fans for help with the story.

The screenwriter of avengers 5, jeff loveness,

to send a message to all the fans of Marvel Studios. After recently confirming that the script is already in development, the writer wanted to ask a question on Twitter. “Hey, how do you write a movie?” he asked. Probably, he said it in jest. However, some fans took it seriously.

When a fan replied to the first tweet with the response “Make a story circular”, Jeff Loveness hilariously responded. “What is that?”, replied the writer of Marvel Studios, responsible for Avengers 5. Interestingly, this concept of “circular history” is a writing process that originated in the animated series rick and morty. An animated program that, by the way, Jeff Loveness knows very well. After all, Loveness worked on rick and morty. Therefore, you know him very well.

The importance of advancing the main plots

Marvel Studios is achieving an important advantage in the coming months of work. Right now he is developing avengers 5. However, there are two years and seven months left to reach its premiere. That means that a lot of work material is being advanced. Surely, it will be necessary to unfold it much earlier so that the rest of the films interconnect with each other. And, most important of all, create a main plot, small tributaries that flow into the big river.

Jeff Loveness is no stranger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has spent the last two years working diligently on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. This film not only bears the responsibility of opening the fifth phase of the UCM. It will also allow you to present Kang the Conqueror. After all, in the first season of Loki we met its variant, He Who Remains.

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