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SPY x FAMILY – Yor Forger To Star In New n0p0r Movie Filled With Rikura

There is no doubt that the character’s popularity Yor Forger has been increasing considerably since the premiere of the successful anime adaptation of the manga SPY x FAMILYand it is that the multimedia content as well as different personifications of cosplayers who decided to dress up as Yor They were growing by leaps and bounds, and that is an example of how people have been delighted with it.

In all this multimedia content there are also those «tributes» towards the appreciated Yor Forger which is aimed at a certain “more mature” audience, something that the most “fanatic” otakus of this type of content tend to appreciate and adore, and this time we will talk about a new movie not because it is starring his character.

SPY x FAMILY’s Yor Forger to star in new n0p0r movie full of “rikura”

The producer TMA presented his new 3-hour feature film that has the character as protagonist Yor Forger of the franchise SPY x FAMILYwhich will put us in a situation where Yor She is in serious trouble, and unfortunately for her bad luck, she embarked on a journey that would take her on a dangerous mission that could threaten her safety, something she is already very used to, but something went wrong.

By carrying out this dangerous mission, some subjects have managed to capture her and as a consequence, they decided to satisfy their most “m*rbid” needs in her, which will cause different scenes where the most “fetishist” otaku will be able to get carried away in all these situations. * which will be in the film.

At the moment only the cover of this film has been revealed, which will bear the title «SAIT-028 美少女暗殺者ヨ●×凌辱集団輪姦中出しファック×10連続大量ザーメンぶっかけ» and that is scheduled to go on sale in different specialized stores from next October 28 of this year.

Spy X Family Yor Forger Nopor

Spy X Family Yor Forger Nopor

the manga SPY x FAMILY is written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endoand began its publication on the website Shōnen Jump+ which belongs to the publisher Shueisha in the month of March 2019. The manga currently has 9 compilation volumes published and a few weeks ago it was reported that the work exceeded 25 million copies in circulation.

On April 9 this year, the manga SPY x FAMILY would premiere its anime adaptation that will be made up of a total of 25 episodes (divided into 2 parts). Also, animation studios WIT Studio Y CloverWorks are responsible for the production of the series under the direction of Kazuhiro Furuhashiand is legally available through the platform Crunchyrollwho dubbed into Latin Spanish for the anime.

Spy X Family (Part 2)

Spy X Family (Part 2)

It remains to be noted that the second part of the anime SPY x FAMILY is scheduled to begin broadcasting in Japan on October 1 this year.

Synopsis for SPY x FAMILY:

Corrupt politicians, frenzied nationalists, and other warmongering forces constantly endanger the thin semblance of peace between neighboring Ostania and Westalis. Despite his plots, the renowned spy and master of disguise “Twilight / Twilight” undertakes dangerous missions in the hope that no child will have to experience the horrors of war.

In the bustling Ostanian town of Berlint, Twilight takes on the alias “Loid Forger,” an esteemed psychiatrist. However, her true intention is to gather information on prominent politician Donovan Desmond, who rarely appears in public at her children’s school: the prestigious Eden Academy. Enlisting the help of single city hall employee Yor Briar to act as his wife and adopting curious six-year-old orphan Anya as his daughter, Loid enacts his master plan. He will enroll Anya in Eden Academy, where Loid hopes she will stand out from her and give her a chance to meet Donovan without arousing suspicion.

Unfortunately for Loid, even a man of his talents has trouble playing the figure of a loving husband and father. However, like Loid, Yor is hiding her true identity, which is that she is an underground assassin known as “Thorn Princess”, and her daughter Anya is an esper who can read people’s minds. Although this perfect family is built on deception, the fakers gradually come to understand that the love they share for one another trumps everything else.


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