Pakistan mobilizes more doctors for diseases after floods

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan has sent thousands more doctors and paramedics to the province hardest hit by historic floods to contain the spread of diseases that have killed 300 people, officials said Friday.

The government has fired some of the doctors who refused to work in Sindh province, the province’s health department said. Since July, the floods have left 724 dead, including 311 children and 133 women, in the region.

Monsoon rains and floods, which many experts say have been aggravated by climate change, have affected 33 million people, caused at least 1,596 deaths and damaged two million homes across the country.

About half a million survivors have been left homeless and living in tents and makeshift shacks.

In the past two months, Pakistan has mobilized nearly 10,000 doctors, nurses and other health workers to treat survivors at licensed health centers and medical camps across Sindh province.

According to data from the health department, some 18,000 doctors and about 38,000 paramedics currently work in the region.

The floods damaged more than 1,000 health centers in Sindh and forced survivors to travel for medical care.

Waterborne diseases, among other ailments, have killed 334 flood survivors in the last two months.

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