Traditional Medina one step away from being in the State Health Law – Diario de Xalapa

Traditional Medina one step away from being in the State Health Law – Diario de Xalapa
Traditional Medina one step away from being in the State Health Law – Diario de Xalapa

Xalapa, Ver.- The local deputy of the district of San Andrés Tuxtla, Rafael Fararoni Magaña, presented a reform initiative that seeks to recognize the traditional medicine practiced by indigenous peoplesin order to guarantee health care for the inhabitants of that region.

In the plenary session of the Permanent Deputation, the legislator recognized that the Wellness Health Institute it has not achieved attention to one hundred percent of the population; In this regard, he explained that inequality in health services persists in many parts of the world, which has caused the deterioration of the health of thousands of people, including death.

He stated that in order to avoid this type of act, prosperous and egalitarian societies must be built. and, with this trend, states must provide all people, regardless of economic capacity or geographic region where they live, quality medical care and timely, effective and efficient health services.

He mentioned that traditional medicine is usedmostly, by the inhabitants of the native peoples“in this context we know well that indigenous peoples and communities have historically belonged to marginalized and highly vulnerable groups.”

He considered that the recognition of this medicine is insufficientwhich is why the government must protect the promotion and practice of traditional medicine, since this means progress in the objective of the 2030 Agenda called reduction of inequalities.

The proposal with Draft Decree was to amend and add various provisions to the Health Law of the State of Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave.

He pointed out that The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared itself in favor of the use of ancestral healing practicesas long as it is safe, respectful, affordable and effective.

He explained that his proposal adds to the responsibilities of the tutelary State government the promotion and practice of traditional medicine, through the State Health System, with a strict scientific sense.

Likewise, includes palliative care activities, such as pain reduction and comprehensive care to preserve the patient’s quality of life in a terminal situation, as well as the original ones, which include the practice of traditional medicine.

In the same way, incorporates the original doctors into the health services, by the State Center for Traditional Medicineand others in accordance with what is established by the state authority.

Finally, it is proposed that the Ministry of Health and related state institutions promote and support the establishment of groups, associations and other organizations whose purpose is to participate in a coordinated manner in programs for the promotion and improvement of individual or collective health, traditional medicine, disability prevention and rehabilitation, as well as palliative care.

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