Morena deputies seek to regulate traditional medicine in Veracruz

Morena deputies seek to regulate traditional medicine in Veracruz
Morena deputies seek to regulate traditional medicine in Veracruz

Deputies of the caucus Brunette They seek to include the traditional medicine in State Health Law in order to regulate it.

the legislator, Rafael Gustavo Fararoni Maganasaid that the measure would give legal certainty, security and legal protection to the traditional medicine and to those who receive it.

This Thursday, in the Fifth Ordinary Session of the Second Recess of the First Year of Constitutional Exercise, the brunette argued that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared itself in favor of the use of ancestral healing practices, therefore the need to legislate in the matter.

“Western medicine did not penetrate with the same intensity in all indigenous groups, thus persisting a set of indigenous healing practices in which rituals acquire relevance to this day,” he argued.

He added that the indigenous population currently heals their diseases with healers, shamans and midwives, hence the need to regulate these activities.

“However, lately in the urban population it has acquired relevance for what I consider the need for the State to regulate these practices by the bodies responsible for health matters in order to avoid charlatanism or some type of abuse,” he said.

It should be noted that the members of the Legislative Group of BRUNETTEthe deputies Nora Jéssica Lagunes Jáuregui and Arianna Guadalupe Ángeles Aguirre, from the PAN and the PRI, respectively, as well as the PAN legislator Othón Hernández Candanedo.

The reform includes palliative care activities, such as pain reduction and comprehensive care to preserve the quality of life of terminally ill patients, as well as the original ones, which include the practice of traditional medicine.

In the same sense, it incorporates the original doctors into the health services, by the State Center for Traditional medicineand others in accordance with what is established by the state authority.

The legislator added that the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Morelos and Nuevo León include in their local legislation the traditional medicine.

“For which he considered it convenient that Veracruz continue the work to protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples and communities in relation to their traditional knowledge of health and well-being”.

The Initiative with Draft Decree amending section VIII of article 6, section IV of article 35, section III of article 36 and article 55, and adding section V Bis to article 3, section IX to article 6, section V to article 35 and section IV to article 36, all of the Health Law of the State of Veracruz of Ignacio de la Llave, was turned over to the Permanent Commission for Health and Assistance.

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