We do everything possible for the players

We do everything possible for the players
We do everything possible for the players

Orthopedic and sports medicine physician Michael Swartzon, MD, is one of three Baptist Health Orthopedic Care team physicians serving the Miami Dolphins, working with coaches to help players stay in shape and be prepared if something happens. injuries.

As the Dolphins begin the season with a 2-0 record, Dr. Swartzon recalls growing up a huge fan of the home team. His dream was to start for the Dolphins.

“If I were to go back and talk to my 10-year-old self and say, ‘Hey, you’re going to be the team doctor for the Miami Dolphins,’ I think a small part of me would be bummed that I wasn’t one of the players on the team. equipment and for not being out in the field,” says Dr. Swartzon.

However, taking care of the Dolphins in and out of training camp during the regular season is best, he adds. Throughout the season, three Baptist Health Orthopedic Care physicians travel with the Dolphins. John Uribe, MD, orthopedic surgeon and chief executive officer, and fellow orthopedic physicians Gautam Yagnik, MD, and Dr. Swartzon. They lead a medical team that performs physicals and oversees preventive care for both Dolphins players and staff.

“To say that being a team doctor for the Miami Dolphins was a dream is an understatement because I didn’t even consider it a possibility to put it as a dream,” says Dr. Swartzon. “It never even crossed my mind.”

The Baptist Health Training Complex at Hard Rock Stadium opened in the summer of 2021. It spans some 217,200 square feet (a 125,000-square-foot training facility and a 92,200-square-foot indoor field). The vast complex includes a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy area, a dedicated recovery area with cryotherapy and isolation tanks, and an athletic training room with plenty of rehab space.

Next year, Baptist Health Orthopedic Care will open a state-of-the-art health and wellness complex adjacent to the training facility on the Hard Rock Stadium campus, open to the community and professionals alike. The complex will house an orthopedic clinic, physiotherapy room and diagnostic imaging service, and will feature some of the same orthopedic doctors who treat the players. The collaboration with the team is part of an expansion of a decades-long relationship with the organization, in which the entity acts as the official medical team of the Dolphins and official provider of wellness and sports medicine.

“This is the state of the art out there, and those higher tables are really to save the backs of athletic trainers selling athletes,” explains Dr. Swartzon. “This is the best you can buy. It’s a treadmill that’s underwater. Players with an injury can dive into the water and start moving, and when they’re underwater, they’re at one-fifth their normal gravity. But they can change that based on the height of the treadmill that’s there…”

Dr. Swartzon and his colleagues help treat injuries in training camp and during all home and away games throughout the season.

“During a game, when guys are going 100 or 110 percent, that’s when we see more injuries, like fractures, ankle sprains… all those things that you hear about usually happen more in a game during training camp. ”, explains Dr. Swartzon. “We are always concerned about heat-related disorders. One of the biggest topics we always deal with is concussions. Fortunately, we don’t see many on game day. I think the Miami Dolphins only had two concussions last year, which is great because we do everything we can. Everything you can think of happens.”

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