Presents IMPAS Conference on Mental Health at the Faculty of Medicine – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Presents IMPAS Conference on Mental Health at the Faculty of Medicine – El Heraldo de Chihuahua
Presents IMPAS Conference on Mental Health at the Faculty of Medicine – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

This day the “Cerca de Ti” Mental Health Conference is held, organized by the Municipal Institute of Prevention and Health Care, in which papers are presented aimed at parents, students, as well as teaching staff and the administrative area of ​​the UACH.

In this event, conferences focused on suicide prevention are presented mainly through identifying symptoms that indicate that a person is going through a difficult stage and may end up attempting on their life.

During his participation, the coordinator of presentations and the DAIE Department of Comprehensive Student Care of the UACH, Andrés Ornelas, spoke about the importance of knowing the suicidal phenomenon that is divided into several stages or phases.

He explained that the prevention of suicide requires attention, prevention, containment and post-vention through various strategies, among these routes of help to themselves, as well as to administrative and teaching staff, in order to be able to identify when a student shows symptoms. indicating a depressive state or suicidal behavior.

In addition, he exposed the importance of raising awareness about the issue that has always been present, however after the Covid-19 pandemic it boomed due to various factors that marked the confinement, and consequences of it, both mental or psychological due to the confinement itself. , to factors related to the economy, unemployment, among others.

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He added that it is also necessary to give certainty to parents because they are the first to identify their children, as part of their closest environment. He added that the presentation of these sessions aims to reduce the incidence of suicidal ideation.

In this sense, UACH students, teachers, and parents have the opportunity to learn to recognize symptoms of a person in depression that can push him or her to attempt or commit suicide, in addition to the importance of knowing myths about the subject of depression. that they still have erroneous beliefs

With these types of issues, he explained, symptoms can be identified in time, and with this, support can be sought from professionals in the field who are working more than ever on the mental “reconstruction” of many people affected by the phenomenon of the Covid-19 pandemic. 19.

On the part of the Municipality, it was reported that the IMPAS offers a psychological care service that is part of the suicide prevention actions as part of the “I Love You Alive” campaign, with which 11 thousand 180 psychotherapeutic consultations have been carried out, among January and August of this year.

The IMPAS offers care and follow-up for cases of anxiety, depression, various types of violence, in addition to providing care and guidance on conflictive relationships within the family nucleus, how to cope with emotional and behavioral difficulties. In the same way, about the importance of learning during childhood of this type of topics.

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