Amparo ‘Amparin’ Serrano. The elevator chair that caused the death of the creator of Distroller

Amparo ‘Amparin’ Serrano. The elevator chair that caused the death of the creator of Distroller
Amparo ‘Amparin’ Serrano. The elevator chair that caused the death of the creator of Distroller

A lift chair Amparo “Amparin” Serrano had in his study would have been the cause of his death after falling from a height of about 6 meters when falling asleep.

According to versions circulating on social networks, the designer’s death on August 12 was caused by injuries sustained when she fell from the elevator that is part of the decoration of her home in Mexico City.

The death of the creator of the Distroller brand, at 57 years of age, became known after her daughter, actress Minnie West, fired her through her social networks.

“Mom: I write this with a broken heart without believing that this is true,” he posted on his Instagram account.

“This is a nightmare, I’m going to wake up and you’re going to be there, dancing, drawing, filling the world with creativity, happiness and bad spelling, always supporting me absolutely everything, everything I wanted to do,” he wrote.

Serrano’s house, located in San Ángel, in the south of Mexico City, looks like an amusement park and is decorated in her colorful design style that made her famous.

Serrano was a graduate of the design career of the Anahuac University Mexico Southand created characters such as the Virgencita Plis and the Chamoy doll, in addition to being the founder of the company Amparín SA de CV

The Virgin Plisis part of the Distroller brand and is a creative interpretation of one of the most appreciated religious figures in Mexico.

The characters created by Serrano have the characteristic of being very colorful, they are girls and boys with big eyes, with an appearance that generates tenderness.

Amparín, was also part of the creation of the neonates and the Ksi Merits.

Distroller Güorld

Distroller, the brand created by Amparo Serrano, is an exponent of Mexican design, which makes no difference between gender or age and is ready to conquer everyone equally.

It is characterized by using folklore, culture, the funny and the sad of life to create a universe full of color and good humor.

With seven business lines, it markets more than 2,000 products in 1,500 points of sale, including its own butiks, store-in-store, and distribution in the main departmental and self-service stores in Mexico, Spain, and Latin America; positioning itself as an icon of irreverence and joviality unique in the market.

Distroller makes the ordinary something extraordinary, reports its website.

Distroller brand products include:

  • neonates
  • Virgin Plis
  • Chikiti Pun Taun
  • Chamoy and Friends
  • Mexican Paguer

Amparo Serrano Espinosa, was the daughter of Amparo Espinosa Rugarcía, former member of the executive council of the then Bancomer; her father was Julio Serrano.

He had two daughters: Camila and Minnie, the latter is the current girlfriend of Nachito Peregrín, brother of Belinda.

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