The best memes that Christian Nodal’s new look left.

The best memes that Christian Nodal’s new look left.
The best memes that Christian Nodal’s new look left.

The news generated some surprise as well as all kinds of comments, so it was time to share the best memes left by the new look of Christian Nodal.

The singer surprised in the middle of a show he was giving in Sonora by presenting himself with a renewed appearance that included yellow and some flowers in his hair, something that would be part of the “Dior Men Spring” trend, the same one that J is a part of. Balvin.

This is how Christian Nodal responded when we caught him in Chihuahua.

The reaction of the fans and fans of the singer has been mixed, as part of the public has shown a good reception to that look as another group of people who mocked this appearance.

New look of Christian Nodal leaves great memes

A part of the social network theories affirm that if Post Malone and J Balvin had a son, her result would be Christian Nodal. Some directly considered that the similarity with the American was such that the singer is directly the Mexican version of Malone. And there were even others who claimed that this change of look was related to the end of his relationship with Belinda, a singer with whom he was from 2020 to the beginning of 2022.

Regardless of the conclusions and various theories, the reality is that Christian Nodal also garnered an almost unconditional part of fans who applauded his new appearance and highlighted that in his presentation in Sonora, where there were 50,000 spectators, he was super kind to the public present because He came to chat and take photos with several of the people who asked him at the time.

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