Skylar DeLeon, actor of Power Rangers, sentenced to death

Actor Skylar DeLeon, real name John Julius Jacobson Jr., known for his small supporting role on the children’s television show Mighty Morphin Power Rangerswas sentenced to death for the double murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks.

DeLeon was born in California, United States, on August 12, 1979. However, he changed his name twice. The first time she did it to emancipate herself from his father, a convicted drug dealer, whom she accused of abusing him.

Since then, she has gone by the name Skylar DeLeon, as she is known professionally. At the age of 14 he ventured into different shows children, having a small participation in an episode of the 1993 series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

However, DeLeon retired from the stage and at age 20 joined the United States Navy, but was discharged due to an unauthorized absence. Three years later, the former child star married Jennifer DeLeon, with whom she had two children.

However, the economic situation led the troubled Skylar to commit crime. In 2004, the ex-actor posed as a potential buyer interested in the yacht of Tom and Jackie Hawks, a retired couple. The retired actor used his young daughter and his pregnant wife to appear like an honest family man and convinced the Hawks to take him test sailing.

DeLeon brought in two male accomplices who subdued Tom and Jackie. They were electrocuted and forced to sign a document granting them ownership of the boat. The pair were then tied to the anchor of the yacht and thrown alive overboard, the bodies never found.

A couple of years later, the plot fell apart when one of the accomplices confessed to the crime and those involved were arrested. In 2005, Orange County prosecutors filed double murder charges against Skylar DeLeon.

In April 2009, he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. However, due to his moratorium in California, he will live out his days on death row. For her part, in 2006, Jennifer DeLeon was tried and convicted in a separate trial for the murder of Thomas and Jackie Hawks.

Responsible for the crime Tom and Jackie Hawks

Although she was not present at the crime scene, the authorities considered that she had played an equivalent role in the murders to that of her ex-partner, for which she is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Gender change

Skylar Precious DeLeon

In 2019, Skylar changed gender and name for the second time. She successfully transitioned and her procedures were paid for with state tax dollars. She now calls herself Skylar Preciosa DeLeon.

He is still on death row at San Quentin State Prison. For her part, Jennifer is incarcerated at Central California Prison for Women, serving her sentence. They both divorced while in prison.

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